G-Force Juniors

CrossFit for Kids

G-Force Juniors combines bodyweight training, functional movement, gymnastics, power and Olympic lifting, strength and conditioning and runs all year-round from 4.30 to 5:15 pm 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. It is designed for ages 4.5-12 years and it’s foundational for all other sports.


Most modern-day parents wish they had learned how to deadlift, hinge and squat properly. Here is this generation’s chance. The best part about our program is progress is tracked and measured. Parents will gain access to our SugarWOD app to encourage their child/children to enter in their results after each session.


G-Force Juniors allows children to be a part of an amazing and fun community, and they have the opportunity to participate in internal and external competitions.


Come and see it for yourself.

Join Our Junior Community

Our memberships offer more than just access to a world-class gym. When you join G-Force CrossFit you join a community of like-minded people committed to improving their overall health.