The G-Force Source: We like new things

The G-Force Source: We like new things

It’s going to be one of those week’s where we’re going to struggle fitting all the news that’s a buzz at G-Force in this week’s Source. We have some new goodies coming to G-Force, along with some new faces, a little birthday for a little person, three weekends of competition, and G-Force Fitness. As always, we have some new personal bests to boast about on behalf of the G-Force crew.

Starting with competition, team G-Force busted their you-know-what at the CrossFit 565 team throwdown. Well done to Seb and Steve, Little Lauren and Mitto, Stuey and Alex, and Meg and Emma for competing. Meg and Emma finished on the podium in third place. Hi fives all round!

Next week, CrossFit Inventive—who are practically our neighbouring box—are celebrating their 1st birthday with a competition day. We have some of our own competing that day, so if you’re keeping yourselves confined within the invisible dome  that covers The Shire, head on over and cheer on our troops. The following weekend on the 4th of July, I’ll (Met) will be competing at the Senior State Championships at Sydney Olympic Park. Everyone is welcome to watch. It should be an entertaining day with about 70 competitors going for state titles and national qualification.

G-Force Fitness 2

G-Force Fitness is back Monday 29th of June. Six weeks of grueling fitness in our winter boot camp (or booty camp, if that’ll get you motivated) for $199. Speak to big boss Glen for more information.

We have some new faces at G-Force. If you see someone you haven’t seen before, don’t be shy and say hi. Hmm, that unintentionally rhymed. I digress. Make the newbies feel welcome: Casey, Kimon, Kelly, Vanessa, Donny, another Kelly, and Josh.

And whilst we’re on new things, without revealing too much, you might notice some slight make-over changes coming to the gym. You’ve already seen the new boxes. We hope that soon you’ll see something new to lift on, something new to pull yourself up to, some extra space, and some new fancy tech. Don’t ask, because we won’t tell!

Boasting time! Congratulations to Kate with a 1kg increase on her front squat with 71kg. Keiran pushed 100kg over his head with a push jerk, making that a whopping 10kg PB. And Meg increased her overhead squat by 5kg with a 90kg lift. They say if you can overhead squat it, you can snatch it. Let’s see it Meg!

To conclude this week’s Source, we’d like to wish a little happy birthday to little Lauren for Monday the 22nd. If you see her at G-Force, be sure to wish her happy birthday. You might have to actively look for her though. She can sometimes be seen hiding in corners, making very little noise. The hair gives her away.

Happy birthday Little Lauren!

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