The G-Force Source: 1st Place at The Bay Games

The G-Force Source: 1st Place at The Bay Games

“I’m not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance.”
— Celine Dion

G-Force has never proclaimed to be elitist; we don’t have an advanced or beginners class because we strive for unity without segregation. We have one program for everyone (with scaled options to suit everyone’s ability), but it isn’t a basic or easy program. It is designed to make you fitter, faster, stronger and more powerful. For one of our athletes, it has done just that.

G-Force athlete Logan Walsh started CrossFit at G-Force 15 months ago and we’ve seen a massive improvement in his abilities. He made the switch to CrossFit from basic mirror-kissing bicep curls in a globo gym and he’s now fitter, faster, stronger and more powerful, so much so that he won 1st place at a recent games day.

If you want to make some serious improvements in your fitness like Logan has, come and see the coaches at G-Force so we can change your life. In the meantime, read below and read about Logan’s experience at The Bay Games.

G-Force: Give us a quick summary of The Bay Games.

Logan: The Bay Games was a one day comp held in Huskisson. There were three events; one water-based including a paddle board and swim leg, and two field workouts, one with several barbel exercises. I placed first in all three events and won the men’s title. There were also team events and a strongman division.

What prompted you to compete in The Bay Games?

I have recently decided to take my training more seriously with a view to competing at a high level in the future. I have not competed in CrossFit events before so this was a good way to experience CrossFit-style workouts in a competition setting.

How did you prepare for The Bay Games?

All of the workouts were published well in advance. Given my background in competitive surf life saving, I was not too worried about the water event. I practiced both of the field workouts at least once and made sure my accessory work was beneficial to the types of work required at The Bay Games. The workouts that we were doing in class contained a lot of the same moves. I think this really helped, particularly in the event with 40 thrusters.

What was your mindset going into the last event knowing that you were in the running to win the competition?

I had a few nerves but I was confident that I had put in enough work in preparation to give it a good go. The heat lineups were not adjusted to reflect the leaderboard so I was not in the same heat as the guys that were close to me in points. Fortunately, there were some pretty quick guys in my heat which helped me push harder and I came away with the quickest overall time by about 10 seconds.

What is your plan from here, and do you plan to compete in the future?

I want to spend the next 3 to 6 months focusing on building strength and refining my technique. I will reassess after the 2018 open, but hope to be able to compete through the 2018/2019 season.

We look forward to seeing Logan’s future improvement and see him reach his goals. Goal setting is imperative whether it be short or long term. Set your fitness goals, commit to your training at G-Force, listen to your coaches and you’ll inevitably see yourself become a fitter, faster, stronger and more powerful you.

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