The G-Force Source: Absolutely NO excuses!

The G-Force Source: Absolutely NO excuses!

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
–Jordan Belfort

Excuses, excuses. They’re the repetitive barrier separating you from your tasks and goals. Removing those barriers might just lead to new adventures and a better you, especially when it comes to your health and well-being.

Time and time again, we hear countless excuses about people not wanting to start CrossFit. “It’s too hard,” or, “I’m not fit enough to keep up with everyone else.” Jordan Belfort hits the bulls-eye: it’s absolute rubbish. You’ve clearly made zero attempt at finding out more, speaking to a CrossFit coach or even visiting a CrossFit box (what we call our gyms) to see what the hype is all about. And yes, it is the hype because CrossFit is world renowned for turning humans into machines and changing the average Joe’s life completely around.

Hard-working mother of three Sally recently kicked down her own barrier of excuses and started CrossFit at G-Force. In her six weeks of training, she’s noticed how much of a difference she’s made to her body and overall well-being. She’s proof that mothers, fathers, full-time employees, students and even the more mature folk can make changes to fit CrossFit into their busy regime.

Just like Sally, stop making pitiful excuses and take the dive. Here’s her story.

G-Force: You’re a mum of three boys and happily married. How old are your boys?

Sally: My twin boys are four and my youngest son is two. They’re my greatest achievement and they keep me incredibly busy! Between raising my 3 boys and working full-time in a busy job, it doesn’t leave much downtime. As we mums do, I’ve always put my own needs last to focus on my family but I’ve realised now that I’m a better mum to my kids when I take that “me time” to focus on my health. It’s made a huge difference physically and mentally. As they say, you can’t give from an empty cup. Lucky for me, I have a great husband who’s really supportive of my training and helps with the kids so I can get out for my three-to-four workouts each week. There are lots of mums at G-Force and there’s a great little kids area so you can bring your kids along and let them see what you can do! A lot of the mums bring their kids to the workouts which sets a healthy example–you see mums feeding their kids and wiping faces between sets. They’re absolute warriors!

What made you first come along to G-Force?

A friend of mine was a great inspiration to me. She’s a mum of three who found herself in a very unhealthy state after years of putting herself last and neglecting her health. She found CrossFit and has lost over 40kg, gained incredible strength and is in the best physical state that she’s ever been in. Her transformation was amazing and the smile on her face says it all. I had been feeling very low after neglecting myself for so long and I wanted to experience that feeling and start embracing life again; no more avoiding beach days and holidays with friends. It was time to make a change and start living. I was always daunted by CrossFit as I thought it was for the super fit, but Glen completely changed my mindset on that after my first discussion. He explained how they scale the exercises for all fitness levels and that put my mind at ease. I decided to jump straight into CrossFit after a long time of zero exercise and poor diet and it’s changed my life. I’m only early on in my journey but I already feel amazing physically and I now have the confidence to achieve my goals. The biggest change I’ve noticed is my mental state; I’m so much happier within myself and I’ve got so much more energy for my family.

How long have you been with us?

I’ve been with G-Force for about six weeks now. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I guess that’s a sign of the fantastic culture at G-Force. I look forward to my workouts as they’re always a lot of fun and I’m eager to see if I’ve improved from my last session. When you’re focusing on the technique and mastering a specific move, it takes your mind off the hard work you’re doing. It kind of makes it easier to get through the workouts. Since day one, I haven’t looked back and I’ve even inspired a few of my friends to take time out from their kids and come along to G-Force. They love it too.

The two hour fundamentals class with Glen was excellent; he’s so patient and supportive. I learnt a lot, especially what I’d been doing wrong all these years. There’s a big focus on technique here at G-Force so that you don’t injure yourself. That was important to me as I’d had two c-sections and bad abdominal separation that left me with a very weak core. I felt totally comfortable that Glen and the team would look after me and they’re always keeping a watchful eye on us for technique during the workouts. I love getting a proud nod from Glen when I conquer a new challenge! I was definitely daunted to join my first class but that soon disappeared as all the people are so friendly and help you out if you get confused. One thing I love about G-Force is that they start every workout with an intro where we all say our names so we get to know each other. It didn’t take long to feel comfortable enough with the group to have a joke and this makes the workouts so much more fun. I love how we all support each other; most workouts you’ll get encouragement from the sideline, high fives and fist pumps. It makes you feel amazing and keeps you pushing yourself.

Sally Kids (edited)What’s the vibe like at G-Force?

The culture at G-Force is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve always been a gym-goer where everyone keeps to themselves and it’s so easy to get bored or waste your time not pushing yourself. G-Force is the complete opposite. It’s a really friendly, welcoming vibe, loads of fun and really upbeat. Everyone comes ready to work hard and we all share in each other’s progress and milestones. Even the fittest people have had their own journeys and come a long way since they joined. All I ever hear is encouragement and promises from my workout mates that with persistence you’ll be amazed what you can do. There are absolutely no egos, there’s friendly banter amongst the group during every class, lots of laughs and signing along to the great music while trying to catch our breath!

How have you found the weekly gymnastics class?

This is my favourite class. Probably because there’s usually less cardio and more floor work! It’s a great workout and I can always feel my hard work in the days following. Loz runs this class and she’s the most lovely coach you could find! So friendly, supportive and genuinely proud when she sees you getting stronger. This class focuses on all my weakest areas: upper body strength, core and flexibility, so it’s a great class for me. I feel challenged but I feel like most of the moves are achievable, apart from handstands! That’s a goal for me right there. I’ll get there eventually!

From not coming from a background lifting weights, how have you found doing weights each week?

The most weights I’d ever done was muck around with a few light dumbells at the gym doing bicep curls. I had zero knowledge of proper weightlifting and I couldn’t imagine myself being able to do these moves. With the technique I’ve learnt from Glen, I’ve been able to do much more than I ever expected. I’m surprised how much I enjoy the weightlifting and I definitely want to do more of this to build my upper body strength and core. All of the moves are [able to be scaled] so I always have a back up plan if I’m struggling. There’s no pressure to lift heavy; the important thing is doing it right so you don’t hurt yourself. I was just lifting the bar for the first few weeks. As the group keep telling me, the strength will come over time, just keep persisting.

Do you feel stronger and fitter from the short time you have been with us?

Absolutely! I’m only six weeks in, so I’m really just starting out but I already feel a huge difference. I can plank for longer, I can squat heavier weight each week and I’ve even pumped out some muscle ups and pull ups with the help of some equipment for scaling. Even burpee box jumps are getting easier and I can get more done during each set. My flexibility has also improved dramatically which means I can do more of the exercises. I never thought I’d be able to do this stuff, I’m so proud of myself already. Who knows what I’ll be able to achieve twelve months from now!

Be like Sally. Stop making excuses and contact G-Force CrossFit today!

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