The G-Force Source: And the award goes to…

The G-Force Source: And the award goes to…

Success is not final

You can all breathe a sigh of relief because the Open is over! No more butterflies, no more nervous wees or poos before the WOD, no more gasping for air, and no more DOMS. Well… at least until the next workout at G-Force of course!

The Open simply put is the same as any other day and is just like any other WOD. There’s an rx’d version, a scaled version, it’s constantly varied movement performed at high capacity and it’s fun. The stresses (and the increase of the nervous toilet runs), however, come with the competition stage. We are competing against one another in our local gyms, against each other in our own countries, against each other around the world, but most importantly, against ourselves to track results.

It is after all a competition but at G-Force, we focus less on the competitiveness of our athletes and more on the camaraderie and sense of community we see each week of the Open. In previous editions of our blog, we’ve delved into the proud moments we’ve had throughout the Open in seeing how everyone’s melded together so naturally, but it’s something worth noting once again: the encouragement we saw, the family-friendly atmosphere you all created and the dynamic of people focused on the one common goal was truly inspiring. Thank you to everyone at G-Force for participating in what was a great and fun five weeks of death by CrossFit. We hope to see–no, we know we’ll see–the same traits at G-Force each and every day.

As we’ve mentioned, the Open is a competition and with competition comes an award ceremony. This year, we started a new tradition of hosting a post-Open awards ceremony and congratulating some of our hard working athletes. This year’s awards went to:

Awards Night (edited 2)

rx’d 1st male: Danny
rx’d 1st female: Queen Netta
rx’d 2nd female: Ali
Scaled 1st female: Megs
Most improved male: Daniel Fletcher
Most improved female: Sam
Mr. Strategic: Pat
Spirit of the Open: Lachlan Taylor

Congratulations to our winners. We hope to see everyone at it again next year with new winners of our categories.

See you all in the gym.


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