The G-Force Source: Aussies abroad

The G-Force Source: Aussies abroad

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”
 – Lance Armstrong, Every Second Counts

The athletes at the CrossFit Games are undoubtedly going through tremendous amounts of pain. This year seems to be one of the hardest years yet with events such as Murph, the clean pyramid, and The Separator which includes ring handstand push-ups. Ouchy.

Despite all the pain, and the longest Games to date, the athletes soldier on through to the end and to their finish lines. They don’t quit, because quitting lasts forever.

We want to take the time in this week’s Source to show appreciation for the Australian athletes abroad at the CrossFit Games. For many years now, James Newbury  from CrossFit Mode in Adelaide has been to the Regionals time and time again. Finally, James has made it to the Games, and it is very well deserved. There are some of us at G-Force that remember James when he first started CrossFit many years ago here in Sydney. The greatest thing about James is his kind spirit has not changed. He has developed as an athlete significantly, but he still remains the same James we remember all those years ago. Congratulations James on your success in the sport. You’ve trained hard and earned your success!

Another athlete who is deserving of a great amount of praise is Tia-Claire Toomey. She is competing at the CrossFit Games after finishing in 3rd place at the Oceanian Weightlifting Championships in May. At that event she qualified to represent Australian at the Rio Olympics in a few weeks time. She has gone from one competition to another and is still managing to dominate rankings worldwide. At the time of the publishing of this blog, she is sitting in 1st place at the CrossFit Games. Just wow.

Video Screenshot (edited)

We hope you have all seen our testimonial video on Facebook. G-Force is extremely lucky to have such a great group of athletes who come together daily, share laughs, share stories, share bromance, and as a collective, train hard. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

This week at G-Force hard training continues with max back squat on Monday and max split jerk later in the week. Be sure to keep yourself mobilised throughout the week, eat well and stay hydrated. For tips on your lifts for max week, see your coaches. We want to see you all achieving new personal bests so we can highlight your achievements in next week’s blog.

To conclude this week’s Source, here are your recent personal bests.

July 2016 Week 3

See y’all in the gym.

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