The G-Force Source: Back to reality

The G-Force Source: Back to reality

The festive season is over. We longed for Christmas and New Years, and with one swift swoop, those celebratory days are now specks of dust in our rear view mirrors. But we must now shift our focus to what’s ahead of us, not behind us. We have a full new year to fill with new health and fitness ambitions and goals, and at G-Force CrossFit, we strive to ensure you reach those destinations.

Goal setting is an important part of your overall fitness. We’re not talking about those New Years resolutions that you never commit to; we’re talking about goals in weightlifting, in benchmark workouts, in run times, and a successful attempt in performing particular movements in CrossFit. Coming soon to G-Force, we’re going to have something up in the gym that’ll require you to choose a goal, and then be reminded of that goal each time you step into the gym. Ernest Hemingway (an American writer and journalist) once said: “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”  Your coaches at G-Force are going to be a part of that journey, and it is there where you must work hard if you’re to reach the destination in your journey. But without that journey, there is no destination, and there is no reaching that goal. Work for it!

Back to reality

Goal setting is one of the new things we’re bringing to G-Force this year. Throughout the year, you’ll notice other new changes coming to the gym. Some will be aesthetic changes, and others will benefit your progress and place accountability on you for ensuring it is recorded. Something new that we intend to do more of is something we did during the holiday break. Some of you attended our G-Force weightlifting competition, and for those that did participate, it was a very fun morning. The rules were relaxed as we didn’t want to rob anyone of a personal best because of a little press out. This isn’t the Olympics, after all. Feedback from the competition was positive, so we will run more of these throughout the year.

G-Force Fitness is starting up once again, and we’ll have more information on that as we creep closer to its return.

Our beach sessions have been successful, but next weekend, we’re returning to inside the gym. Beach sessions will continue, and we’ll give you notice when they’re on.

Toward the end of 2015 and thus far in 2016, you may have noticed some more cardio-specific programming. There is a reason for that: the Opens. They begin at the end of February, and we would like to see everyone participate. As with all competitions, we’re not placing emphases on where you place. To some of you, that may matter, but to others, you do it for yourself. If it is your first year in the Open, participate in it so that next year you can compare against yourself to track your progress. The Opens also has a knack for arousing teamwork and camaraderie. Everyone backs one another, and it’s always great to see. So please, when registrations open for the CrossFit Open, register, and sign yourself up for Team G-Force.

Keep an eye out for new goodies throughout the year. They are coming, and we look forward to seeing you all in the gym.

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