The G-Force Source: Celebrating Our History

The G-Force Source: Celebrating Our History

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
— Coretta Scott King

The fitness and CrossFit world has become a saturated industry with many gyms and business models falling under an all too familiar and simple banner causing the unwanted foul scent of complacency and docility. So when you find a gym that has unique qualities through a unified community, solid foundations and not the “same ol'” thing, it’s worth celebrating. That’s exactly what we’re doing this year by celebrating the eighth birthday of G-Force.

Glen Laws, Head Coach and Founder of G-Force, started his fitness business as G-Laws Fitness to later eventuate to G-Force CrossFit with its own space to throw weight, bodies and perspiration around. The business has evolved substantially over the eights years through practicing ultimate fitness to today’s business model focused on building a solid community and subjecting them to a successful programming recipe led by motivated and knowledgeable coaches.

There have been many highlights throughout the years and to pay tribute to them, our Head Coach details below some of his best memories of the years gone by.

The Earliest Days

G-Force CrossFit evolved from G-Laws Fitness and the newly-formed business in 2010 moved into its new space with nothing more than enough money for the first month’s rent, a few barbells and kettlebells.

The Evolution of the Gym

From a few barbells and kettlebells, the gym has grown exponentially into the fitness space that it is today with loads of equipment to cater for the intensive and varied program. There have been countless paint jobs including the current work-in-progress in the kids’ play-space upstairs consisting of a huge Disney-themed character wall.


Treat people the way you like to be treated and speak to them in a manner that you’d like to be spoken to; that’s part of our social methodologies at G-Force and it’s partly what we have to thank for making the gym what it is today.


There are still athletes with us today who started with G-Force at the very beginning. Our genuine passion for wanting to help people evolve in many aspects of their lives is what keeps people coming back for more memories, smiles and endless tears from the body’s fat cells.

Playing Cupid

It is a place of love at G-Force. Two of our loyalists—Fiona and James—met at G-Force and they’re happily engaged, soon to be married. Sam and Paul are two others that met in our gym and are now married. Good places attract good people. You might just find your new soulmate in our sweat box.

We Made Regionals

The CrossFit Open is one of the biggest open competitions in the world which is closely followed by the Regionals which consists of around the top 30 individual athletes and teams from each region. G-Force was represented by two athletes who qualified as individuals in 2014 and we turned up again in 2015 with a team at the Regionals competition. It was a hard road for both individuals and the team and it’s something we won’t soon forget. And of course, the blue G-Force army turned up in support.

Open For Business

G-Force started with limited sessions each day. Now, there are close to fifty sessions per week which include our CrossFit programming, SWEAT sessions, gymnastic & weightlifting specialty classes, as well as weekly workshops focusing on progressive movements. The gym is now open seven days a week.

Our Team

The coaching team at G-Force share a wealth of knowledge and experience and the gym wouldn’t be what it is without the shared efforts of each individual coach.

Our Head Coach’s Closing Words

The health and wellness industry is thriving and it’s very competitive. We have watched so many gyms come and go over the years but we feel we are stronger than ever and confident we will be around for many years to come. The gym for the coaches and many of our athletes is a home away from home and we love that each and everyday G-Force is changing lives. Thank you for eight years of wonderful memories with many more to come.

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