The G-Force Source: Celebrating seven years of G-Force

The G-Force Source: Celebrating seven years of G-Force

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” — Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Moments of progress, effort and success are plentiful at G-Force and it’s these smile-worthy memories we’ve collected over the years that make each milestone greater than the next. G-Force just recently celebrated its seventh birthday in true G-Force style with a fun workout-of-the-day followed by the traditional G-Force barbecue. Each year becomes more special as we accumulate countless stories of progress and the beginning of many new friendships.

Community-driven CrossFit is our focus and we can proudly say we accomplished that years ago, but with each year as we continue to see both returning and new faces at G-Force, our atmosphere created by our amazing community becomes much more special.

Here’s a special message from G-Force founder and Head Coach Glen Laws:

“Each year I love to celebrate G-Force’s birthday with a big team workout and a barbecue breakfast. This year we turned seven and what a terrific morning it was. All of our coaches were on board and the gym was packed with over fifty of our athletes working up a sweat. Our community and athletes are as strong as ever and we are so grateful you choose G-Force to guide you towards a healthier future. Thanks again for showing your support at our birthday celebration and being a part of another milestone.”

Seven years ago, Glen had a vision of a great CrossFit box in the heart of the Sutherland Shire. That vision is now his reality but the building never stops. We look forward to another great year at G-Force with more stories of success, more laughs, more friendships and much more sweat.

Thank you team G-Force, and happy seventh birthday G-Force CrossFit!

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