The G-Force Source: Christmas is coming…

The G-Force Source: Christmas is coming…

“You may delay, but time will not.”
 – Benjamin Franklin

How time flies. It doesn’t feel like almost 12 months ago that G-Force CrossFit turned into the Safari with a large family of topless jungle men and women (the women weren’t topless, to clarify), a half man half Zebra hybrid, and a feline in tights. Most importantly, however, it was a great night with great memories, and we applaud Glen and those that helped him transform the gym into a jungle.

Benjamin Franklin was wise. Time does not delay, because another year has almost passed, and it is time again to plan the next G-Force Christmas fiesta. The cogs are starting to turn as we’ve begun planning the party. Clear your calenders for the 12th of December, and stay tuned to the Source and to the whiteboard in the gym for further information as it becomes available. The party this year will be outside the gym. Watch out Sydney, because some incredibly fit people are going to storm your streets!

Xmas Party 2 (2)

The boss, Glenny Lawsy, celebrated his 30th birthday on Friday. On behalf of all the G-Force crew, congratulations on reaching this mature milestone. From the G-Force crew, we’ve ordered you a zimmer frame. Use it well! All jokes aside, we’re extremely glad that you were able to spend your birthday with your whole family. Happy birthday boss!

Moving on from Glen’s first steps into decrepitude, we had more PBs this week. Standard at G-Force. Here they are:

Power clean
Luke: 120 -> 121
Gareth: 70 -> 75
Mikayla: 20.5
Mitto: 65 -> 70
Anton the Studmuffin: 90 ->

Back squat
Vanessa: 60 -> 62
Mikayla: 20.5

A special shout-out goes out to Alby who got married on the weekend. G-Force wishes you endless happiness in your new matrimonial partnership. Congratulations!

See you all in the gym.

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