The G-Force Source: constantly varied & high intensity movement

The G-Force Source: constantly varied & high intensity movement


We all know–or should know–the definition of CrossFit: constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. The part about high intensity is something that hurts us deep on a daily basis so we’re well aware of it.

Functional movement is something that many haven’t grasped the idea of; it means performing a movement that will help us in our day-to-day activities such as a clean & jerk moving an object from ground to overhead, performing a squat comparable to sitting down on a chair or on a toilet for number twos, and lastly we have the burpee box jump over which is comparable to dropping quickly under a fast approaching truck then getting up quickly to jump over a fast approaching car. It could happen to you.

The part about constantly varied is what keeps CrossFit exciting. It’s not going to the gym to the same ol’ bicep curls in front of a mirror; it’s going to your local CrossFit box to do something different, something you didn’t do yesterday and something that’ll shock the system to overcome muscle complacency and that gains plateau.

Constantly varied is very much alive in this year’s CrossFit Open. For the first two weeks’ workouts and the first time in the Open, we’ve had dumbbell movements. Not one movement, not two, but three different movements we either haven’t performed often or never at all. We’re not too sure about the functionality of what Rudy Nielsen from The Outlaw Way calls #curlsfromtheground, but it’s still something new. I digress. That constantly varied concept is what makes us better athletes and it’s what keeps us improving. That chase for improvement–alongside the excitement of constantly varied functional movement–is what keeps us coming back for more.

At G-Force, we’ve been extremely pleased with everyone’s efforts. The Open thus far has been different to most and to many others, it’s their first time participating in the worldwide competition. Kudos and extra high-fives go out to these people:
— Megan with her first ever CrossFit Open and achieveing 224 reps in 17.2.
— Brooke pumping out 32 pull-ups. Her best yet!
— Daniel Fletcher managed 16 bar muscle-ups when he previously has managed three reps in total without a band.
— Pocket rocket Alby doing 21 bar muscle-ups.
— Mitto getting out 10 pull-ups. Too bad about her hands though :\
— Met doing his first rx’d workout in a long, long time and getting through some bar muscle-ups. Yes, I’m praising myself. Someone has to…

Continue below as we announce our next workshop and highlight our latest new personal bests! Shout-out to Ash on her first ever full snatch at 25kg!

See you all in the gym.


Announcements new 2

A reminder of our weightlifting workshop this week on Thursday 9th March at 6.30pm. We are continuing from our previous weightlifting workshop moving from the set position and first pull off the ground to the the extension phase of the snatch. Please put your names on the noticeboard.


March 2017 Week 1

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