The G-Force Source: dont be a hunchback

The G-Force Source: dont be a hunchback

Golem from The Lord of the Rings, Emphialtes of Trachis from 300, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame from his self-titled film all have one thing in common: they have horrible postures!

We could potentially fall victim to their physical deformities if we’re not constantly aware and proactive in ensuring we’re maintaining a good posture.

The way in which you stand, walk, and sit can reflect on your self confidence. If you drag your feet, walk with your head down, shoulders rolled forward and with a hunched back, it personifies a lack of confidence and self-esteem. We don’t want that at G-Force. We strive to work towards making you a better you in as many ways as possible, and in this week’s edition of the Source, we want you to embody confidence.

To show people how much you love yourself (with humility, of course), stand, walk, and sit with a better posture. People will notice. Roll your shoulders back, keep your eyes up and not staring at the ground, pop your chest out, and to prevent an over-extension in your lumbar curve, switch the abs on, and abracadabra, alakazam, beautiful posture!

One important exercise we recommend you all do to help you strengthen your core and in turn assist you with maintaining that nice posture is the hollow hold and rock. We’ve harped on the importance of this movement, and here we are again like that old dusty record that keeps spinning on repeat. The hollow hold is going to strengthen your core, and additionally, it will assist you in other movements in CrossFit which include all variations of the pull-up.

Seek assistance from your coaches on how to perform your hollow holds and hollow rock.


Pictured above is our “bring a friend day” which was held at G-Force on the weekend. We had the pleasure of accommodating faces both new and old, and we were able to live up to the core of what G-Force CrossFit is all about: friends and family. We are strong believers in preaching the idea that if you surround yourself with great friends and great family, you’re bound to achieve greatness. Thank you to everyone who came in for what was a fun morning.

Before we conclude this week’s Source, we send congratulations to Jacob, AKA mini-Glen, who upped his deadlift personal best from 130kg to 150kg. Great effort Jake!

See you all in the gym.

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