The G-Force Source: Don’t be a sucker to injury

The G-Force Source: Don’t be a sucker to injury

Niggles and injuries are like syphilis in the sixties: almost everyone has it. CrossFit, just like any sport, sees its participants succumb to a myriad of physiological problems; some more severe than others. Blame for the onset of said niggles and injuries, however, should not be cast on the sport, the coaches, or the programming (though each can potentially contribute). Predominant blame lies with you!

Poor physiological maintenance is a curse suffered by many. When was the last time you saw a physiotherapist or chiropractor? When was the last time you stretched for at least thirty minutes after an intense session? Are you well hydrated and well fed? Over you over-training? These are all questions you should ask yourself daily. But not only ask; you need to answer them and correct any wrongdoings against yourself.

Too many times we see members coming in, rolling out on PVC for ten minutes with the assumed mentality that it will fix everything. If this is you, uppercut yourself because it isn’t right. Address your issues of over-training, poor diet, poor hydration, little-to-no stretching, and with the intense programming you submit yourself to weekly, you should be seeing a physiological professional (physio/chiro) at least once every two weeks at a minimum.


The Open season is fast approaching. We have ten days to go from the time of this blog’s publication. You’ve all submitted yourselves to our open preparation programming, and we want to see you all put it to good use. We’ve previously rambled on about the important of participation in the Open. We won’t ramble on again. However, we will say this: if you have noy registered yet and joined the G-Force Team, do so now. Everyone should participate.

We’re releasing our assigned days and heat times for the Open workouts. This is subject to change. Note our briefing times. We expect all participants who wish to perform the open workout to arrive prior to the briefing time so that you can be made aware of the workout and its standards. We are planning to have large heats, so all participants need to arrive prior to the briefing, and everyone will be judging their peers. Don’t expect to participate if you turn up just prior to the last heat. You must judge to be judged.

No 4pm session
4.30pm: open gym
Briefing: 5.15pm
First heat: 5.30pm
Second briefing: 6.45pm
Last heat: 7.30pm

7am open gym
Briefing: 7.30am
First heat: 7.45am
Last heat: 8.30am

Edition 1

Most of you should have seen the new goals board above the jerk blocks in the gym. We want everyone to write up short term, long term, both gym and non-gym related goals. Goal setting is imperative to success, and to assist you with getting that ball rolling, big boss Glen “Glenny” Laws is hosting a twenty minute chat about goal setting this Thursday at 7pm at G-Force. Notify the boss if you’ll be attending.

To conclude this week’s blog, here are the latest new personal bests. You’re all weapons, and we love it!

Si: 110
Little Lauren: 72
Stephanie: 45
Bec: 53 -> 60
Megan B: 62.5 -> 63.5
Stephan: 107 -> 110
Courtney: 65 -> 75

Bec: 65 -> 70

Jacob: 70 (+ 72.5 hang snatch)

See you all in the gym.

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