The G-Force Source: Don’t protest against rest

The G-Force Source: Don’t protest against rest

Last week on the Source, we discussed the importance of diet in constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity, i.e. CrossFit. This week, we’re going to continue with life lessons here at the G-Force school of fitness knowledge and talk about the one aspect of training that most people neglect: rest.

Everyone follows—or should be following—a program. Part of that program is programmed rest days. It is a day, however, that a lot of people overlook, because they want to get in that extra session and try and make those extra gains. NEWS FLASH: what you’re doing by not resting is actually denying your body those sweet, sensual gains.

The G-Force program consists of the following layout:

Monday to Wednesday on, Thursday off, Friday and Saturday on, Sunday off.

Thursday and Sunday, we highly recommend that you rest. We understand that not everyone’s schedules are the same, but generally, you should be resting after about two to three days of consecutive training days.

11164555_892427934134320_7404248889849071550_nBy not resting, you run the risk of rhabdomyolysis, extensive muscle break-down, and both minor and major injury.

Don’t protest against rest.

For a slightly different perspective, here is something from CrossFit CEO Greg “Coach” Glassman on rest:

“Everything that isn’t exercise is recuperation, but for me the benefits of off time come not from enhancing athletic performance but from enhancing life. Exercise, fitness, sport, and even health are only important in that they serve a broader purpose – life. We are made more alive by exercise and fitness but reading, playing, studying, and loving also make us more alive and enrich us greatly entirely independent of our physical well being. I wholly recommend that you focus the 23-½ hours daily of non-exercise not on increased physical performance but on enriching your soul.”

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