The G-Force Source: Don’t succumb to the winter blues

The G-Force Source: Don’t succumb to the winter blues

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”
– Coco Chanel

Winter is no longer just coming; it is now here as we’ve all evidently felt it in the mornings and evenings. And already, we’ve noticed that some of you have succumbed to the winter blues. You’ve become defeated by the cold. You’ve let winter win the battle, but the war is not over. It’s time to turn back from retreat and face winter head-on by making it an insignificant factor in your training and your life.

We want you all to spread your wings and soar towards new and improved goals over the winter period. These new and improved goals are going to make it much easier to train when it’s wet and cold. Stay accountable. And remember, we do have a roof over our heads in the gym. We’re not making you train in stormy weather.

Some of your goals on the G-Force goals board are close to expiring or have expired. Re-think your goals for winter by setting an achievement date by the end of August. Think about competitions, numbers in lifting and benchmark workouts, achieving a particular movement, Tough Mudder, Coastal Classic, and so on.

Get your squat booties into gear and get into the gym!


Despite testing week being behind us, you guys are still achieving new personal bests. What we find is those that stay consistent and train regularly, eat and rest well are those that are bettering themselves in the gym. Ask your coaches and your training buddies for tips if you think you need improvement in your regime.

Here are the week’s PBs.

June 2016 Week 1

See you all in the gym.

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