The G-Force Source: don’t underestimate the power of toes-to-bar

The G-Force Source: don’t underestimate the power of toes-to-bar

“16.2 is an opportunity to showcase your strength,” said Dave Castro. What I think he meant to say was to showcase your muscular endurance after smashing your guts with a lot of toes-to-bar!

“16.2 is an opportunity to show us how strong you are. You just have to do a lot of work first,” he said. Slightly better from the Games Director. A lot of work? Yes. How strong you are? Yes, if you’re one of the world elites.

For most of us who are not full-time or superhuman elite athletes, 16.2 was much more about demonstrating your efficiency with toes-to-bar, and if you’re capable of getting through them, then you have an opportunity to demonstrate your muscular endurance with high-repetition squat cleans. Unfortunately for the majority, 16.2 can be said to have been severely underestimated. Do not underestimate the power of toes-to-bar. They will destroy you like Vader destroyed the Jedi.

For everyone at G-Force who gave the workout a go, well done on your efforts. We’re happy to see you all getting into the spirit of the Games season, and as we said last week, we’re looking forward to seeing more of your efforts in the remaining weeks of the Open.

Uzbek Nationals (2)

Last year, I ventured overseas to participate in a weightlifting training camp in Uzbekistan. I was lucky enough to lift alongside some of the world’s best lifters including Ruslan Nurudinov and Ulugbek Alimov who are both medal winners at previous World Championships. This year, our friends at Atletika Weightlifting have organised another weightlifting camp in Uzbekistan. This time around, however, the training camp will be extra special as we’ll be seeing the weightlifters prepare for the Olympic Games. The lifters are going to be training hard and heavy, and for anyone interested in weightlifting, it’s going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see how the world’s best prepare for the best and biggest competition in the world: the Olympic Games. For more information, contact Team Atletika here.

March 2016 Week 1

Pictured above are the gym’s newest personal bests. Well done again crew for making it  onto the PB board!

Before we conclude this week’s blog, we’d like to reach out to the G-Force crew to look out for one of our own. Little Lauren is currently without her parents for about a week. If you find yourself in her area, please drop by and check on her welfare, and if you have any spare food, I’m sure she would appreciate anything you’ve prepared. Little Lauren’s survival skills are still in the early stages of development, and we’d hate to see her struggle with life.

See you all in the gym.

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