The G-Force Source: four down, one to go…

The G-Force Source: four down, one to go…

Four workouts of the CrossFit Open are now behind us. We’ve pushed through overhead walking lunges, toes-to-bar, and bar muscle-ups. Over the weekend, you all powered through a whole lotta’ deadlifts and wall balls. Kudos to you all. We’ve seen a lot of determination and effort from you, and we commend you. We’ve also seen a lot of pain faces, just like Casey’s in the image above. We like these pain faces because it shows just how hard you are working.

Keep hanging on as there is only one more to go, and then you can kiss the Opens goodbye for another year and look forward to returning to some solid strength programming.

Before next week, however, I’m sure many of you are crying out in pain with sore hamstrings from the deadlifts, and many of your monster quads are struggling as well. Book in massages, mobilise, hydrate, rest, and eat well. Listen to your bodies. If you’re sore, recover before returning to the gym floor.

March 2016 Week 3

Shout-outs go out to Danny, Stephan, Seb, Will, Maurilo and Steve on their new PBs last week. Special mention to our lucky Irish charm Steve on his first ring muscle-up after a long time of training towards his first ever rep. And well done to Stephan and Seb on adding 10kg to their split jerks. A big round of applause for you all.

Note that this coming weekend where the final workout of the Open will take place is the Easter long weekend. Below are our opening hours over that weekend. Until then, see you all in the gym.

Friday 25th: gym opens at 4.30pm for 16.5 only. No morning sessions.
Saturday 26th: Normal gym hours, opening at 7am for 16.5.
Sunday 27th: Closed.
Monday 28th: 9.30am session only.

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