The G-Force Source: from accountability comes wisdom

The G-Force Source: from accountability comes wisdom

“Wisdom stems from personal accountability. We all make mistakes; own them… learn from them. Don’t throw away the lesson by blaming others.”
– Steve Maraboli

It’s easy to cast blame and relinquish yourself of responsibility and accountability, especially when it comes to your personal development in physical exercise, à la CrossFit. You didn’t get the time you wanted, you didn’t get the score you wanted, but more relative to our everyday training at G-Force, you don’t remember your personal bests or previous times in particular workouts.

Personal accountability is something that’s extremely important in CrossFit if you want to develop yourself as an athlete. We’re not talking about becoming the next Rich Froning or Dmitry Klokov; we’re talking about bettering your own scores and escaping from that dread aweful plateau. And the way to do that? Personal accountability in your score-keeping, your dedication to the program without deviation (many of you are guilty of this), but most important of all, actually turning up for training.

To assist you with accountability in your training, a tracking system is coming to G-Force CrossFit. Using this system is going to allow you to track your results, goals, and grants you easier access to our program. If you truly want to get better and not just be a floater who walks into the gym, gives the program a mediocre attempt and then makes their not-so-merry way home, this tracking system will be just what you need.

Glen Brooke HS

The handstand workshop conducted at G-Force last week with head coach Glen was a great success. Eleven people turned up, and with the results we’re seeing and the things we’re learning about our athletes, these workshops are going to continue. Glen is hosting a kipping pull-up workshop this Thursday at 7pm. This workshop is something that many of you should attend. You may have a kipping pull-up, but you will find that refining is going to make your kip much more efficient and much more prettier. We like pretty.

To conclude this week’s edition of the Source, we would like everyone to consider participating in an open weightlifting competition. On October 16, Odd Socks weightlifting club is hosting an all-comers competition for one and all. Our friends at Atletika Weightlifting are all going to be competing, and we would like to see as many from G-Force also giving the competition a go. It will be a fun day and a new experience if you haven’t done a weightlifting competition before. We will put information up on the whiteboard this week, and be sure to register your interest and clear your calendars for October 16!

See you all in the gym.

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