The G-Force Source: G-Force dominating the complex lifts

The G-Force Source: G-Force dominating the complex lifts

The olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk) are two of the most complex movements you’ll do in CrossFit. There are countless smaller points about the movements, and it’s in correcting these smaller points that can make the biggest differences on whether or not you hit a successful lift.

Each week, our programming has included a multitude of complexes and percentage work on the snatch, clean, and overhead movements. The coaches have done some tinkering and adjusting in the hopes that our athletes get better. Well, you’ve all gone ahead and done just that!

The guys and girls at G-Force continue to hit new personal bests during our heavier sessions each week. In recent weeks, we’ve highlighted everyone’s new personal bests with extreme joy, and yet again, we get to do it again. Achieving a new personal best once isn’t enough. Some of you have gone and done it again!

This week, The G-Force Source is just going to stick with listing our new personal bests in the gym because the list is quite long. We absolutely love seeing this. We know it brings you joy, but know that it brings joy to your coaches as well. Keep at it, and if you need assistance with correcting your lifts, see your coaches because we’re here for your use and abuse (gentle abuse, please).

Before we go onto our long list, the G-Force crew would like to extend congratulations to Allan on his new baby girl. Allan saw the birth of his baby girl Eva last week. Congratulations Al!

Here are last week’s personal bests:

Little Lauren: 68 -> 71
Vanessa: 35 -> 40

Casey: 35 -> 42.5
Gareth: 75 -> 77.5
Mikayla: 30
Ali: 61 -> 62.5
Jak: 80 -> 83

Steve: 97.5 -> 100
Chantelle: 52.5 -> 55
Megan: 60 -> 61

Will: 109 -> 113
Stephan: 105
Buzz: 115
Steve M: 80
Josh: 120
Sergio: 85
Jimmy: 105 -> 106

Roland: 110
Little Lauren: 76 -> 78
Gareth: 75 -> 80
Mitto: 70 -> 72.5
Lachlan: 95 -> 97.5

Steve: 102.5
Jak: 85
Megan: 61 -> 65
Sergio: 90 -> 95

Josh: 97.5 -> 100

Luke: 110 -> 115
See you all in the gym!

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