The G-Force Source: G-Force Turns 5!

The G-Force Source: G-Force Turns 5!

Sunday the 13th of October is G-Force’s fifth birthday! For five years we’ve been going strong, having built the foundations of a great fitness community. Each year, we’ve grown and built upon that solid structure of proven programming, a great atmosphere, and mateship that Glen Laws started all those years ago.

Customary to a G-Force birthday is a day of celebration where we get the whole blue army together, conduct a workout, then have what all people who train desire most: food.

We plan to celebrate our 5th Birthday on Saturday the 24th of October. Please keep that night free.

Kay's Medals

We’re very proud to announce the accomplishments of one of our secret assassin: Kay. Some of you will have never met Kay, as she comes into G-Force at 4pm, does her workout, then slips out the door. Little do most of you know that Kay is a champion dragon boat racer! Pictured above is Kay’s medals at the World Dragon Boat Racing Championships which were recently held in Canada. She walked away with three silver medals and a gold! Well done Kay. You’re showing all us younger folk how to be elite!

On the 26th and 27th of September, we have twelve of the G-Force crew heading to Gosford for the CrossFit Gosford RIOT games weekend. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs that weekend, head up to the Central Coast and cheer on our competitors: Steve, Seb, Mitto, Little Lauren, Megan, Jimmy, Fee, Kate, Leo, Ali, Rangi, and Anton.

The Source is going on a temporary hiatus after this post for a few weeks. I will be in Uzbekistan for a little over three weeks. What’s in Uzbekistan ? World champion weightlifters, apparently. I will be in Uzbek taking part in a two weeks training camp. I have been given the opportunity to train alongside some of the world’s most elite lifters, with most of the participants having competed, or soon to be competing at an international level. I look forward to passing on the knowledge I absorb during my time overseas.

In the meantime, keep training hard and eating well, and see you all in a few weeks.

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