The G-Force Source: G-Force winners & grinners

The G-Force Source: G-Force winners & grinners

“A quitter never wins-and-a winner never quits.”
— Napoleon Hill

We at G-Force CrossFit always encourage our members to never quit; to always strive for better, stay determined, set your goals and chase them with as much determination as you can muster. We want you all to chase your goals as hard as you would chase a donut, a jar of nutella, or a lamb spit hanging off the end of a fishing line dangling in front of you.

Two of our very own from the G-Force blue army have achieved a goal over the weekend. Coach Laura participated in the CrossFit Valve Belly of the Beast competition in the advanced females team alongside Olivia from Box RX. They were known as the Rhabdolls and finished on the podium in second place. They had to endure double DT, and anyone who has done that workout once through knows how hard that is. Completing this at 50kg? I would have called the team Swolledolls!

Long-time G-Force loyal friend Kristie Mehan competed in the IFBB State and National Championships for body building and fitness. She went into the competition with some doubt about how she would place, but she remained determined and optimistic regardless. That determination won her not only the New South Wales but also the national runner-up winner in her competition. She walked away with some very shiny silverware followed by enough fatty and tasty foods to put a woolly mammoth into a food coma. Well done Kristie, aka bro!


If you’re up-to-date with the information in SugarWOD and the WOD pages on our website, you would have seen that head coach Glen will be conducting face-to-face interviews with you all in the gym. He’ll be asking you questions about the gym, our programming, and a bunch of other questions to help improve our service to you. Your feedback is essential in insuring that we’re the best we can be tailored to your wants and needs from a CrossFit gym and our tight-knit community. Based off your feedback, we’ll be looking at making some adjustments, so be sure to be honest. Glen has stocked up on tissues for his tears.

Before we conclude this week’s edition of the Source, below are the PBs that have piled up over the last few weeks. Keep being awesome everyone, and see you all in the gym.



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