The G-Force Source: Getting bent

The G-Force Source: Getting bent

No one likes being told to “get bent,” but this weekend, there’s going to be a lot of body-bending going on at the BENt on Massacre competition at Ben Garard’s CrossFit box in Mittagong. There’s a group from G-Force competing there on Saturday (21st of November), including our very own G-Man, Glen Laws, who has teamed up with his South American counterpart, Sebastian. Also competing is Rangi and Will, Roland and Stephan, Megan B and Mitto, Little Loz and Kate, and Anton and Steve.

On Saturday G-Force will only be running 8:00 am on Saturday morning, so if you’re not in Mittagong (where ever on Earth that is) supporting the troops, get yourself into the gym to work on that summertime fitness.

Our Christmas party is fast approaching. We’re going to be setting sails into the summer seas on the 12th of December with a cruise around Port Hacking. Information is on the whiteboard in the gym, as is payment details. Can everyone please submit their moneys  by the end of November so we can finalise numbers. We hope to see everyone there as we foresee it (just like Yoda can) to be a great day out for G-Force.

Glen and Charlie

Again, it’s been another massive week of personal bests for you crazy weapons. It seems that you guys can’t seem to cease to amaze us. Soon, we will be returning to lower percentages to work on volume based off your new maxes. While the percentages are lower, stick to those percentages and work on fine tuning the parts of your lifts that require it. See your coaches for help with technique, and when we return to max week again, we hope to see you all making those hard-earned gains.

Vanessa: 25 -> 27.5
Alby: 45 -> 55
Gareth: 40 -> 50
Kim: 60 -> 70
Steve M: 40 -> 45
Brenna: 90 -> 91
Logan: 50
Little Loz: 52 -> 55
Dave: 80 -> 82.5
Stephan: 88 -> 90
Rangi: 100 -> 101
Megan B: 40 -> 42.5
Bella & Juliette: 20
Mitto: 53 -> 56

Stephan: 195 -> 110
Bella: 32.5
Little Loz: 71 -> 73
Shaz: 47.5 -> 52.5
Alby: 75 -> 80
Megan B: 62.5
Josh: 130
Gareth: 75 -> 80
Rangi: 135 -> 136

Ali:  65

Megan: 35 -> 37.5
Josh: 100 -> 105
Rangi: 100 -> 110
Mitto: 57.5 -> 60
Little Loz: 57.5 -> 62.5

Congratulations go out to Meg Cox who competed at the Octane Games day on the weekend. She teamed up with Amy Alessi, and the pair finished in third place. Well done Meg you womanly weapon!

Coming up next week, the Source is going to include a new knowledge base at the conclusion of each edition which will work as a hints and tips guide for certain movements. We will be concentrating on movements that will be coming in the week following the release of each Source. Keep an eye out next week for when we kick this off.

See you all in the gym.

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