The G-Force Source: Gratitude

The G-Force Source: Gratitude

Last week’s heartfelt blog, The Importance of Family, reached hundreds of readers, and the response to the blog itself, to the Laws family, and to the fundraiser for Wayne Laws was nothing short of inspiring. With thanks to the efforts of everyone who shared our post and the link to the fundraiser, as a collective between the G-Force family, Wayne’s friends at Qantas, and to other extended family and friends known to the Lawsies, we’ve raised over $27,000. This amount was raised between 167 people in 12 days. Faith in society has been restored!

The Laws family extend their deepest and most sincere gratitude to everyone that has helped out thus far. All your messages of hope have been received, and they’re forever grateful. On behalf of the family, thank you!

Wayne is currently in recovery, but he has a very long and difficult road ahead of him.

Laws Family 2

G-Force is currently undergoing some changes aesthetically. The new rig is up and ready for use, and you’ve all been stomping on the newly constructed boxes for a few weeks now. There are other changes in the works, and we hope that they’ll be ready in the weeks and months ahead.

We’re happy to be returning to PBs! Here are the new personal bests that our members achieved during the week:

Si: overhead squat 70kg —> 75kg
Lachlan:  overhead squat 50kg —> 60kg
Jak: overhead squat 63kg —> 70kg
Brenna: overhead squat 90kg —> 95kg
Allan: overhead squat 75kg —> 80kg
Mitto: overhead squat 57.5kg —> 62.5kg
Steve: overhead squat 80kg
Shanci: overhead squat 40kg
Courtney: overhead squat 65kg
Stephan: front squat 112.5kg —> 115kg

Well done crew! Everyone’s efforts continue to make us proud. See y’all in the gym!

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