The G-Force Source: gymnastics and CrossFit

The G-Force Source: gymnastics and CrossFit

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In last week’s edition of The G-Force Source, we talked about the correlation between weightlifting and CrossFit, the origins of weightlifting and its introduction to CrossFit, and the importance of including weightlifting in our programming. We hosted a weightlifting workshop at G-Force where we discussed further the relationhip between weightlifting and CrossFit; weightlifting is very much a part of the core  idea of CrossFit being about functional movement. Think about lifting a heavy item from the ground to above your head, just like a box from the ground to a shelf above you or lifting your boss up over your head because you’ve had quite enough. The clean & jerk teaches that very movement of efficiently and safely moving load from the ground to above your head, no matter the reason or object/human.

Another fundamental component of CrossFit and its teachings of functional movement is gymnastics. Just like weightlifting, gymnastics has been included in CrossFit’s programming since its origins. Gymnastics in CrossFit has evolved over the years to include advanced movements like ring and bar muscle-ups, ring handstand push-ups, the butterfly kip and handstand walking.

How is gymnastics functional and relative to our everyday lives? It can be as simple as pulling your own body weight over an object or as death-defying as saving yourself from falling off a cliff-face. Cliffhanger was based off a true story, no? It does happen!

CrossFit will improve your overall lifestyle and livability, and it may one day help you save not only your own life but someone else’s. G-Force programming includes all of the different CrossFit movements that are functional, and we do it in a way that’s constantly varied and performed at high intensity. That, my friends, is what CrossFit is all about. If you want to get better at your gymnastics and weightlifting, come to G-Force and we will teach you the ways of the Force. Or CrossFit, whichever you prefer.


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This week on Thursday the 23rd of February, we are running another workshop, except this time we will be focusing on gymnastic movements. We are running this workshop to focus on the basic movements and progressions. We will start with the strict pull-up, and depending on your abilities, you may progress as far as a bar muscle-up and ring muscle-up.  The aim of this workshop is to ensure you can move efficiently in each progression and stage of the pulling movements.

Lastly, remember that the CrossFit Open starts this week on Friday. G-Force will run the workouts as we have in previous years with the weekly Opens WOD running Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Those that train on Fridays and Saturdays, you will be performing the Open workouts. Therefore, we ask that everyone register as a means to track your progress and to get amongst the fun.

See you all in the gym.

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