The G-Force Source: Happy Holidays

The G-Force Source: Happy Holidays

The festive season is here, and it’s your final opportunity to get into G-Force to score those pre-Christmas gains. When Christmas and New Years comes around, other gains will be had, and they’re not necessarily the lean and clean kind. Do not feel guilty, however, as you’ve all trained hard throughout the year, and you’ve earnt yourself a dietary break.

Whilst we’re on the topic of breaks, here is G-Force’s holiday schedule:

24th, 25th, 26th & 27th December: CLOSED
28th December: 8am only
29th & 30th December: 9.30am and 4pm only
31st December: 9.30am only
1st January: CLOSED
2nd January: G-Force weightlifting competition (see below)
3rd January: CLOSED
4th, 5th & 6th January: 9.30am, 4pm & 6pm only
7th January: Open gym 5pm to 7pm
8th January: 9.30am, 4pm & 6pm only
9th January: 7am beach session

On the 2nd of January, G-Force will be running its new annual holiday season weightlifting competition for members only. The competition will commence at 8am with a weigh-in where members will be assigned to weight divisions, and shortly thereafter, the competition will commence with ladies first (chivalry is not dead), followed by the men. If you’re interested, please send Met a message on Facebook or via SMS so you can be added to the start list. We hope that everyone can participate in what will be a great morning of friendly competition between mates.

This is the final Source for 2015. Thank you to everyone who has read our blog thus far, and we hope to see our loyal readers return again next year when the Source returns on the 10th of January.

Happy holidays everyone, and we will see you in the gym and in the new year.

Happy Holidays 3

Before we part, customary to the Source, here are the week’s PBs:

Si: 72 -> 80
Ali: 55 -> 57.5
Jak: 70 -> 75
Gareth: 70 -> 80
Steve: 85 -> 95
Monnia: 32 -> 37.5
Steve M: 60 -> 75
Sergio: 60 -> 65
Seb: -> 80 -> 95
Rangi: 120

Si: 2 x 75
Steve: 50
Seb: 80 -> 90
Stephan: 100 x 2
Josh: 125 x 2
Sergio: 35
Rangi: 115 x 2

Alby: 80 -> 90
Si: 95 -> 105
Gareth: 80 -> 85
Vanessa: 43
Mikayla: 35
Alex T: 115 -> 117
Logan: 100
Megan B: 63.5
Kim: 104

Megan E: 47.5

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