The G-Force Source: have you scored any goals?

We’re already in the second quarter of 2017. This year has flown by which means two things: we’ve grown older and more senile, but more importantly, we’ve either achieved or forgotten about our goals. We’ve talked and talked and talked about goal setting so much this year, you must think the coaches at G-Force suffer from some kind of short-term memory loss. Quite the contrary, actually; we push the idea of goals to help you seek improvement.

Earlier this year in a previous edition of our blog, we provided you with the S.M.A.R.T formula for goals. Here’s a reminder:

Goals must be Specific
Goals must be Measurable
Goals must be Attainable
Goals must be Relevant to you
Goals must be Time-bound

As coaches and friends to you all, it pains us deeply like a knife-wound to the gluteus maximus when we see you walk into the gym, do nothing more than just the WOD, walk out of the gym, then rinse and repeat. No goals, no drive, no desire for something greater. We understand that to some, CrossFit is just a means to keep the fat rolls at bay so you can go and enjoy that double beef, double cheese and double bacon burger followed by three scoops of ice-cream, maybe some chocolate and why not throw in a packet of Doritos? But is that really enough? Don’t you want to walk out of the gym with a sense of accomplishment? Don’t you want to feel super like you’ve just conquered Everest? OK, perhaps a little cheesy and a little too far but we’re trying to make a point here.

Goal setting is an imperative aspect of your training, and it should be adopted by every single one of you. Whether they’re short or long term goals, gym-related or related to something else entirely in your life, you need these goals to help give you that little nudge, that little leap of faith to go above and beyond the realm of normality.

There are some old goals on our goals board at G-Force. Wipe them clean and set yourselves some new goals for the second quarter of 2017. For those that aren’t great with their mathematics, the second quarter of the year ends in June (I hope I got that right <insert confused emoji>). There’s your T from the S.M.A.R.T formula.

To help you achieve your new goals (yes, we expect that you will in fact create some new goals), here are some tips for you: eat right and eat enough, be consistent with your training and commit to the week’s training days, actually plan and work towards your new goals, do plenty of accessory work specific to your goals and lastly, mobilise and stretch!

Continue below with an announcement of an upcoming event, and as always, see you (and your new goals) all at the gym.

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Announcements new 2

G-Force is going to be hosting an in-house G-Force members only weightlifting competition. We’re not worrying about weight classes, a time limit per lift and all the other strict weightlifting rules. We want to see everyone participate and work towards trying to better their snatch and clean & jerk.

The date is yet to be announced but it is going to happen in the near future. Start working on your lifting accessories and we hope to see all of you give it a go. There will be a prize pack for the best female and best male lifter of the day. Best lifter doesn’t mean the heaviest.

Stay tuned. And your pets are welcome to join us on the day.

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