The G-Force Source: hollowin’ everyday

The G-Force Source: hollowin’ everyday


“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
— Marcus Aurelius

There are plenty of tedious activities we perform everyday as a necessity rather than a desire. We can be grateful for such necessary daily activities like showers, the brushing away of morning breath and deodorising. Then comes activities born of desire: eating pancakes for breakfast instead of oats, wearing a particular item of clothing to show-off certain aspects of the body, taking a limousine to work instead of driving yourself or catching public transport and, what we hope is at the top of that desire list, getting to the gym.

We talk about daily activities out of both necessity and desire to convey a simple message: your daily activities should consist of the hollow hold and/or hollow rock. We’re going to explain why.

One of the commonly seen and most-performed movements in CrossFit is the pull-up. It has three main variations: strict, kipping and butterfly. These then transition into other movements which include the bar and ring muscle-up, toes-to-bar and knees-to-elbows.

All of these movements stem from one main drill: the hollow and hollow rock.

The hollow rock is something you can do everyday. You can practice this in the gym, at home watching television, at work, on a plane, on a bus or train, on a tram, in a maxi taxi, in a pool, whilst skydiving, in a large shower and bath and, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, even whilst sitting on the toilet. But please, don’t hollow and drive.

Practice your hollow as often as you can because it is the fundamental position, being that extra tight body position, that we want to see transferred into your pulling movements. We understand that this is harder, especially when transferred over to the pull-up bar, but it makes for a much better body position, it will eventually be more efficient and you won’t have formed bad habits by performing a broken and lazy body position that we never want to see in a pull-up.

If you want to better your pull-up, firstly you must practice the hollow and secondly, continue below as we announce our next workshop at G-Force.

See you all in the gym. And keep hollowin’ errryday!




This week at G-Force on Thursday the 18th of May, head coach Glen is running a pull-up workshop concentrating on the butterfly kip. There will be a required standard to get the best out of this workshop; see Glen for more information.

Don’t forget our in-house weightlifting competition on the 3rd of June at 8am. Place your names on the whiteboard if you’re attending and remember, there will be prizes for best overall male and female lifter (not heaviest weight lifted).  We hope to see you all on the day for a great lifting atmosphere.

Lastly, this Saturday the 20th of May, G-Force are hosting a Bring a Friend Day at 8am with a fun partner workout followed by breakfast at Lucy’s cafe around the corner from the gym. Bring your friends and expose them to the fun and to the results had at G-Force.

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