The G-Force Source: If you want to move mountains…

The G-Force Source: If you want to move mountains…

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
– Confucius

In previous editions of the Source, we’ve highlighted the importance of fundamentals, especially in your training in CrossFit. Fundamental movements and drills are the building blocks to better and more efficient skills across the many different exercises we have you perform. To be able to move a mountain of weight, you must start by carrying smaller stones. Thank you Confucius!

Last week, head coach Glen ran a muscle-up workshop and saw great results in those that showed up. Courtney, Tom and Angus benefited immensely with the drills and progressions shown to them during the workshop. This week, Glen is running a second workshop on the handstand push-up on Thursday evening at 7pm. The last time G-Force ran a handstand workshop, we saw our athletes perform handstand push-ups for the very first time. If you’re yet to achieve one rep of this movement, or even if you are capable of doing them but need to fine-tune it, head into G-Force for the handstand push-up workshop. If you want to move a mountain… need I say more?


The Olympics is such a momentous event as it brings people and nations together under one banner. Some of the sportsmanship, athleticism, courage and mateship we see is truly spectacular.

Dear friend of mine and Atletika Weightlifting (our previous weightlifting workshop coach’s club), Ruslan Nurudinov, won gold in the men’s 105kg category. He was always our favourite to win, and he exceeded everyone’s expectations. He snatched 194kg and clean and jerked 237kg to win gold for his country.

Tia Toomey, who we’ve congratulated in a previous edition of the Source, finished in the women’s 58kg category with an 82kg snatch and 107kg clean and jerk. Simplice who wore green and gold in the men’s 94kg category finished with a 155kg snatch and 185kg clean and jerk. We extend our congratulations to both Aussies in doing our country proud at the Rio Olympics.

Before we conclude this week’s edition, we would like to extend ecstatic congratulations to Emma Laws in her engagement to soon-to-be hubby Matt. 

See you all in the gym.

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