The G-Force Source: increased work capacity across broad time

The G-Force Source: increased work capacity across broad time

In previous years of Open workouts, we’ve seen some lengthy WODs. We had the thruster and burpee-over-bar workout which was one of the first that was “for time.” For some people, that workout took over twenty minutes to complete, but for the other more elite abnormal machines, it was a sub-fifteen minute workout.

With 16.1, we saw the first ever twenty minute AMRAP. It came as a surprise for being the first workout and at that length. However, it saw a return to what CrossFit is all about. You may have read CrossFit’s and Greg Glassman’s definition of fitness: “…increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.”

In 16.1, we definitely have an increased work capacity (death by burpees), and we definitely have broad time (death by 20 minute AMRAP). There you have it: 16.1 true to the definition of fitness and CrossFit.

At G-Force, we are extremely happy and proud of everyone’s commitment to the sport, to the gym, and to themselves for giving the Open a go, whether it be a return to the Open for you from previous years, or if it is the first time you’ve ever participated. As most of you would have seen, our Friday Night Lights session was great fun. There were plenty of cheers of motivation for the members performing the workout, and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Great work team. We look forward to the rest of the Open in the weeks to come.

Feb 2016 Week 4
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Not only did we have 16.1 over the weekend with some great scores, but you machines also hit some new personal bests! Well done to those that maxed their clean & jerk.

We’d also like to pay tribute to Sharon who walked 65km (holy <insert expletive>) in 11 hours and 39 minutes. The walk was part of a fundraiser for a young kid named Duke who suffers from cystic fibrosis. The goal was to raise $1000 for the young guy, but so far, over $2,500 has been raised. For more information, head over to the fundraiser page here.

Well done Shaz!

See you all in the gym.

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