The G-Force Source: kindness through compassion

The G-Force Source: kindness through compassion

A kind gesture

G-Force is not just a gym and CrossFit box; we’re family. G-Force is a tight-knit community whose members have grown together to create special connections, new relationships and bonds through commitment and dedication to a common purpose: get fit and have an immeasurable amount of fun doing it.

We’re almost at the end of the CrossFit Open. We’ve explained before in our blog that the Open brings out the positivity in our greater CrossFit community. But at G-Force, the Open brings our not-bound-by-blood yet tight-knit family that much closer. We’ve seen the great vibes in the atmosphere at G-Force in the past four weeks and it has made us proud. Keep the encouragement, the kind gestures and the compassion coming as we finish the Open and move back into our regular programming.

CrossFit is no easy fitness regime, especially during the Open. It hurts us in places that we didn’t think we could ever hurt (minds out of the gutter please. I’m being serious). It takes our newfound friends and family to urge us to keep going, to finish what we started and to pick us up when we’re down if we’ve been defeated by death-by-burpees.

There is a correlation between picking your mates up after a workout and picking your mates up in everyday life.

Count on your friends and family to urge you to keep going, to finish what ever task it is you’ve started and to pick you up if some trials or tribulations in aspects of your life have gotten you down and in defeat. Alternatively, be that friend and be that family member–whether connected by blood or not–and ask the people you’re around, “Are you OK?”

Life kicks us all in the nads/lady-bits. We all have our own issues to deal with, so next time you speak to someone you either know or suspect is struggling, give them a helping hand. That small and kind gesture just might reach a wound that through compassion, you might be able to help heal. If you’re at G-Force, it’s not going to take much to arouse that suspicion that your mates are struggling; just look for their pain faces and you’ll know. Urge them to keep going then pick them up before they form a sweaty pain angel on the gym floor.

It’s what G-Force is all about.

See you all in the gym.

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