The G-Force Source: Kipping makes everything better

The G-Force Source: Kipping makes everything better

We all love a good kip, whether it’s to get us up and over the rings, to get our chin over a bar, to smack our chest against the bar, or to recharge ourselves with an afternoon nap. Earlier on in the week, G-Force held a kipping workshop for its members where the attendees were taught the best body positions and tactics for getting to sleep quicker and when best to take a kip.

I joke. We did have a kipping workshop, but we focused on pull-ups. Meg Cox broke the kip down and talked our members through the technique involved in trying to achieve the most efficient pull-up.

We will continue to run our workshops based on your feedback. If there is a movement you’re having trouble with, let us know, and the movements that seem to be most troublesome to our members will be subject to future workshops.

Alex T and Bec Run

Team G-Force Regionals athlete Alex and G-Force Fitness member Bec hit the Rafferty’s Coastal Run on the weekend. The run consists of double-digit kilometres through a trail at Lake Macquarie. Alex tackled the 22km course and completed it in 2 hours and 21 minutes. Bec ran the 10km course, or at least she intended to. Bec did a boo-boo and took a wrong turn. She ended up running 13.2km and finished in 1 hour and 15 minutes. We’re sending out a virtual round of applause to both Alex and Bec for running a distance that most of us would not even consider. At G-Force, running isn’t a favourite movement. So, just think: Alex ran the G-Force traffic lights and back about 26 times, and Bec ran that about 15 times. Take a bow Alex and Bec!

As always, G-Force PBs!

Lachy: back squat from 105kg to 125kg. Woah mamma!
JoshPush press from 90kg to 100kg.
Seb: Back squat from 180 to 182kg. Chase that 200kg you mad Columbian! And his split jerk went from 100kg to 103kg.
KeiranBack squat from 140kg to 150kg.
Little Lauren: Split jerk from 71kg to 75kg.
SteveSnatch new personal best of 70kg.
Will: Snatch from 80kg to 81kg. Every kilo counts!

Another big week for the G-Force crew. Keep up the awesomeness! And remember, a kip does us all some good, no matter what kind it is.

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