The G-Force Source: Liftin’ K-Gs and Healin’ Scars

The G-Force Source: Liftin’ K-Gs and Healin’ Scars

Whilst thinking about one G-Force’s athletes’ recent tribulations, we came across this quote: “A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars.” For our strong woman we’re paying tribute to, her war was the 2015 CrossFit Pacific Regionals, and her scars are the marks left by the recent surgery she went through.

Jakii has been suffering from not one, but six hernias for the greater part of this year. With great will and determination, she battled through the Regionals in May as part of Team G-Force, and later went on to have surgery: an open hernia repair. We are sending Jak a standing ovation; for pushing through the Regionals, for submitting herself to surgery, and to wish all her all the best for her recovery in hopes that one day in the near future, we get to see her at G-Force again. We miss you Jak!

Jak Scar

On Saturday the 27th of June, some of the G-Force crew competed at the one year birthday throwdown at CrossFit Inventive. Well done to Stevie Wonder, Anton, Emma, Little Lauren and Kate for their efforts at the competition. Emma finished on the podium for her second consecutive competition placing; she finished 2nd in the women’s Rx’d division. Additionally, Stevie hit a 97kg PB clean, and Anton joined the $100 club with a 100kg clean PB. Hi fives boys!

We also had our own personal bests in the gym during the week. Luke B (which we now think stands for Big-Boy) hit a 130kg split jerk, and Steve Marshall hit an 85kg front squat.

Alex T

Keep an eye out for Alex Thackray [pictured above] in the gym over the next few weeks as he’ll be shadowing Glen during our CrossFit sessions. Alex will also be joining the coaching staff along with Matt Johno who has been working with Glen during sessions over the past few weeks. Alex has been competing in CrossFit for over five years and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to CrossFit’s movements. Be sure to pick his brain about it!

Next week on the 4th of July, some of the G-Force crew will be coming to support me (Met) at the New South Wales State Senior Championships. The competition is being held at the State Sports Centre, and my heat kicks off at 9am. If you’d like to watch some skinny and not-so-skinny men and women throw some heavy weights around, be sure to come along.

See you all at G-Force!

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