The G-Force Source: Logan’s G-Force Spotlight

The G-Force Source: Logan’s G-Force Spotlight

In the third quarter of 2016, I remember finishing my training at a local Fitness First and having a short conversation with a guy who had a strong kiwi accent. He talked about his excitement for starting something new by joining a CrossFit gym. Coincidentally, it was the same CrossFit gym that I coach at and not long after our conversation, I saw him in a class and giving CrossFit a real go. Now, months later, that same fellow swears by his training in CrossFit and can’t see himself going back to the same ol’ boring bicep curls in front of a mirror and shut off from the social aspect of training whilst other trainees are too busy listening to music through their headphones and secretly checking themselves out with the side-glance.

Camaraderie, commitment and community–our three C’s at G-Force–are the values that Logan appreciates and enforces. He’s come to G-Force with a positive attitude in himself, his training and his faith in the G-Force program and our coaches. His results are testament to his efforts.

To share his story, here is Logan’s G-Force Spotlight.

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Logan 1 (edited)When did you join G-Force?
August 2016

What do you do for work and how does G-Force fit in around your schedule?
Carpenter. I work locally so I head to the gym straight after work and have plenty of time to prepare for the 6pm class.

Whats are the differences from a commercial gym to G-force?
In commercial gyms, everybody has headphones in and are focused on getting in and getting out. At G-Force, there is a strong sense of community and there is a huge amount of encouragement, support and solid banter between all the athletes and the coaches.

What are the biggest improvements you have seen since being at G-force?
MOBILITY!! When I started CrossFit I couldn’t even touch my toes.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting at G-Force?
It’s f**king hard – but you’ll love it. Stop putting it off.

What keeps you coming back?
Coming to G-Force each day gives me a way to clear my head after a day’s work and get stuck into something I enjoy. It’s great that there is always something to work on or master…and I want to eat burgers AND have abs.

Your partner has recently joined G-Force. How have you found this so far G-Force?
It’s great to be able to share a sport I’m passionate about with her and align our fitness goals. It also means I can stay at the gym longer without getting in trouble!

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