The G-Force Source: Mad Maxes & Getting Hitched

The G-Force Source: Mad Maxes & Getting Hitched

Two people taking their first steps towards an everlasting matrimonial partnership is always a beautiful thing. One of the G-Force crew has done just that. Chris Clarke has gotten engaged with his partner Bree during their holiday in New Zealand. Congratulations Clarkey. G-Force extends its best wishes to you and Bree for the many great years and memories to come.

The bulk of this week’s Source is going to focus on the week’s new personal bests. The mini-whiteboard at G-Force couldn’t handle all the load during the week, forcing us to extend the board to create more room for everyone’s awesomeness. It was testing week, after all, and we’re glad to see that the strength program has shown dividends for most of you. Insert bicep-flex emoticon here. 

Unlike others weeks on the Source where we’ve rattled off everyone’s new personal bests in a paragraph or two, this time around it’ll be in dot-point form for ease of reading. There are that many new personal bests.

  • Stevie Wonder: Snatch up from 64kg to 66kg, and clean up from 93kg to 95kg.
  • Will: 128kg squat clean, up from 125kg.
  • Luke: 115kg power clean, up from 105kg; 85kg snatch, up from 80kg; 115kg clean & jerk, up from 105kg; 125kg jerk, up from 120kg.
  • Roland: an increase in his power clean by 15kg, hitting 115kg.
  • Connie: 5 unbroken double unders.
  • Sharon: 39kg snatch, up from 37.5kg.
  • Si: 65kg snatch, up from 60kg, and 70kg power snatch, up from 65kg.
  • Keiran: 3kg increase in his snatch, hitting 75kg.
  • Meg: 72kg snatch, up from 70kg.
  • Ali M.: 42.5kg snatch, up from 40kg.
  • Seb (Maricon): Joining the $100 club with a 100kg clean & jerk, up from 97.5kg.
  • Alex G.: 90kg clean & jerk, up from 80kg; 70kg snatch, up from 60kg.
  • Jono M.: 130kg back squat, up from 120kg.
  • Megan B.: 62kg squat clean, up from 60kg.
  • Fee: 40kg snatch, up from 35kg.
  • Shancy: 37.5kg snatch; 52.5kg clean & jerk.
  • Courtney: 45kg snatch; 65kg clean & jerk; 70kg clean.
  • Little Lauren: 71kg jerk, up from 65kg.
  • Stephen: 116.5kg, up from 115kg.
  • Tom: 70kg split jerk.
  • Daz: 127kg jerk, up from 120kg.


That’s a great long list of new personal bests. There are a large number of five-to-ten kilogram increases there which are absolutely massive and noteworthy. However, the small one-to-two kilogram increases are also great achievements, because once you hit a maximal lift, any increase, no matter how little the number, is still a new personal best, and at most times, 1kg can feel like 10kg.

Congratulations crew. Well done to everyone on their new personal bests, and to those who are still new to CrossFit and are still discovering their personal bests.

Here are the lovely couple, kayaking in New Zealand:

Clarkey engaged

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