The G-Force Source: Never a dull moment

The G-Force Source: Never a dull moment

If the last two weeks are anything to go by, we can state with confidence that there is never a dull moment at G-Force. In this week’s blog, we’re going to cover our ASN-hosted WOD and barbecue, Matt Johno creeping his way onto the G-Force staff, Ricky and Sarah’s weightlifting, Ingleburn team competition highlights, our new G-Force members, and as always, the week’s PBs.

G-Force is famous to its members for its amazing barbecues. Don’t think of it as being vain, but a boosted confidence in our own barbecues to grant ourselves bragging rights. ASN Miranda took the reigns on Saturday and hosted a WOD and barbecue with ASN’s fitness challenge members, G-Force CrossFit and G-Force Fitness members. We put everyone through their paces with a tabata-style workout, and as a reward, eggs and snags for all!

On Thursday, Ricky and Sarah from Atletika Weightlifting kicked off our six week weightlifting block. Ricky and Sarah offer a wealth of knowledge on all things olympic weightlifting. They coached me to a 1st place finish on the weekend at an official competition, as well as a qualification for the Australian Open in December. If you’re interested in doing their classes, speak to Glen. It’s not too late to start!


Our biggest event this week was the Ingleburn team competition. We had three teams compete, and as we’ve said, never a dull moment. Sebastian, also known as Seb or Maricon (don’t ask what that means), suffered from his usual communication handicap. Instead of following the WODs like everyone else, Seb changed the front squats in WOD 1 to power cleans. I think he performed about four until he was corrected. And speaking of cleans, our big friendly giant Rangi had another competitor impeding on his workout space during WOD 2. A friendly double butt tap got them to move so he could perform his cleans. It was an oopsie moment when he realised that the space-impeding competitor was not of the sex he thought they were. However, in all seriousness, we’re very proud of the following G-Force members for their efforts at the competition: Rangi, Anton, Megan, Kristie, Steve, Sebastian, Mitto, Little Lauren, Matt Johno, Leo, Coach Kate, and Jacq. Well done guys! You represented our colours superbly!

The secret G-Force ingredient worked hard again this week. Our PB board was full! Mitto hit a triplet this week with her first ever three bites on the rope climb, a 5kg PB on her front squat, and a 5kg PB on her jerk! Courtney also climbed the rope for the first time. Have you two been spending time in the Amazon? Shancy got her first double under, Courtney got toes-to-bar, Emma Davies achieved a 60kg snatch, up from 57.5kg. Jakii’s back squat went up to 110kg, Lachlan saw a whopping 15kg increase in his front squat to 95kg, Luke gained 1kg for a 121kg split jerk (every kilo counts), and another whopper with Caz’s front squat rocketing up from 35kg to 50kg. And to finish us off, our favourite Irishman (how many times can I use this joke?) saw a 10kg increase on his split jerk with 105kg. Well done everyone!

We have some new faces at G-Force. We’d like to welcome Steven, Sheena, Danyelle, Caz, Will, Alan, Milan, Stephan, Laken, George, and Ben. We’re happy to have you all as part of the G-Force family, and look forward to seeing you soar into your new adventures with us. As we’ve said, never a dull moment!

IMG_3706Also new to G-Force, you’ll notice that Matt Johno will be assisting Glen and G-Force’s other coaches for the next couple of weeks. Matt [pictured left] has a substantive history with health and fitness. He has competed as a powerlifter for over a year where he finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each of his competitions. His training as a powerlifter saw him being coached by world champion powerlifters. He is currently in the New South Wales Police and Australian Police rugby league teams, and he has also played in the New South Wales cup which is just below NRL level. He has travelled overseases for representative football and won the Police World Cup, and was named in the World 13. As his story states, he has some great experience to bring to the coaching staff at G-Force.

That concludes this week’s G-Force Source. Until next week, G-Forcians!

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