The G-Force Source: No excuses!

The G-Force Source: No excuses!

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” 
 – Jordan Belfort

It was fitting this week to find a blatant, honest, and straight-to-the-point quote from an American celebrity as we broadcast this edition of The Source from across the world in Los Angeles!

Jordan Belfort is the man subject of the film The Wolf of Wall Street where he was portrayed by Leo Decaprio. He is now a motivational speaker after having served a gaol sentence for a serious amount of fraud.

The reason we’re talking motivation (again) is to help you stop making those silly excuses that everyone is guilty of making. “My teeth are sore,” or, “I think a wasp stung my eye and I can’t make it today.” We see through your excuses people, and to show you how silly your excuses are, we’re going to proudly tell you a story of one of our very own from G-Force Fitness: Sadie Mehan.

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Sadie is mother of Kristie who is a long-time loyalist to G-Force. Yes, we feel sorry for Sadie too for having to mother Kristie. Sadie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1990, two months after Kristie was born and reigned her terror on society (don’t hate me Kristie). Sadie became paralyzed down the left side of her body, and she couldn’t even manage to open a packet of chips for her children.

Over many years, Sadie managed through hard work and determination to get her body back in working condition, and now, she is more than capable of tackling each day’s tasks. However, she has never been able to undertake any strenuous activity like CrossFit or other physical activities… until she came to G-Force.

Sadie started up at G-Force Fitness in March 2015, but it was with great hesitation and fear to get her into the gym. Once she mustered up the courage to try something new, she immediately fell in love with the place, the people, and the fitness. She’s always full of laughs, smiles, and once she starts talking, you won’t be able to quiet her. Except with maybe burpees. No one can talk during burpees.

Slowly but surely, Sadie improved her physical shape, but probably more so her self-confidence and her courage.

The greatest highlight for us at G-Force, and probably for Sadie too, was when recently, for the first time ever, she put her hands on a barbell. She was asked for one rep of a push press, but instead, she wowed us all with four sets of eight reps. Twenty four reps!!

Here is Sadie, a sufferer of MS who has gone from paralysation, being unable to open a packet of chips for her children, and here now at G-Force, pumping out reps of push press with a barbell.

Congratulations Sadie on this great achievement. We’re extremely proud of you, and we hope to continue to see you making leaps and bounds.

Everyone else who is too tired, too sore but not really, didn’t have their coffee, pissing our gall stones but not really, says their mother won’t let them out of the house… you all need to stop making excuses and do what needs to be done in all aspects of life. Here, specifically, we want you to stop making excuses to get into the gym and commit to training.

Before we depart, we must honour everyone recent PBs.

Casey: 47.5kg –> 50kg (and same for her full clean)
Gareth: 95kg –> 100kg (same for his full clean)
Courtney: 70kg –> 75kg
Little Lachy: 35kg –> 55kg

Sergio: 95kg –> 100kg
Beattie: 120kg –> 121kg
Shancy: 60kg –> 67.5kg

Crabbmeister: 165kg –> 170kg

Well done crew. Great efforts, but let’s not lose that drive for more!

See y’all in the gym.

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