The G-Force Source: Our formula continues to work – PBs galore!

The G-Force Source: Our formula continues to work – PBs galore!

We rewind time to early August where the G-Force programming brought us to testing week. We’ve affirmed that the G-Force program will get you results, and the numbers we saw back in August were clearly evident of both the programming’s and our members’ success. We saw seventy new personal bests during testing week, and we were prouder beyond what words could describe.

To this day, you guys continue to hit new numbers, achieving new personal bests across a number of different lifts. The dedication and determination we see in your efforts is what makes the coaches so proud. Never falter, and remember, even a 1kg new personal best is still worth cheering over. We’ve listed last week’s numbers below for your perusal.

Before we list the new personal bests, we’d like to thank everyone who turned up on the weekend to celebrate the 5th birthday of G-Force CrossFit. Bossman Glen is emphatically grateful and proud to have such a fun and close-knit group of people that call G-Force CrossFit their home of fitness.

Seb (2)

Here are last week’s PBs:

Stephan: 85 -> 88

Si: 85 -> 90
65 -> 70

Sergio: 85 -> 90
Josh: 125 (both power and full)
Jak: 82
Seb: 120
Little Lauren: 65 -> 70 (power)
Little Lauren: 69.5 -> 71 (full)
71 -> 75

Gareth: 110
Casey: 70

Josh: 165
Little Lauren: 90 -> 91

Vanessa: 55

Steve: 2:51 (traffic lights and back)

Special shout-out to G-Force superstar athlete Scott Crabby for his upcoming marathon run in New York. Crabby is teaming up with ex-superstar athlete Adam Booker in New York for the TCS New York City Marathon which takes place on the 1st of November (which will be on Monday for us here in Australia). Good luck boys, and by the G-Force be with you.

See you all in the gym.

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