The G-Force Source: Our new coach and her top CrossFit tips

The G-Force Source: Our new coach and her top CrossFit tips

“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.”
— Peter F. Drucker

 The one major difference between the coaches at G-Force and Peter F. Drucker’s quote is that we’re not forced to do what we enjoy doing; we choose to do it because it’s fun and we take pride  in the contribution to people’s improvement in their health and fitness. But there’s a truth to Drucker’s quote in that as coaches, our expertise in all things CrossFit grows exponentially over time as we continue to lead the classes at G-Force.

G-Force has had the recent pleasure of adding to its coaching team with Zuz who has a wealth of experience under her weightlifting belt (or lululemon booty short elastic, whichever she prefers). Continue reading below as we give you a brief background about what Zuz (pronounced Zues, and rightfully so because she’s a female goddess) and her top CrossFit tips.

Zuz started CrossFit in 2013 after an injury playing tennis. She used CrossFit for her recovery but like most of us, she got hooked and embedded herself into the CrossFit cult. Soon after starting and telling everyone she did CrossFit (because we all do it), she obtained her Level 1 certification and started coaching at CrossFit Sydney. She later moved on to our friends at CrossFit Volume until she met Glen and started with us at G-Force.

Her success in her training recently became evident after finishing in third place at the Allstar Affiliate Series, qualifying her team for the Nationals in December. She hopes to continue with this success by qualifying as part of a team for the 2018 CrossFit Regionals.

Weightlifting is her favourite aspect of CrossFit (a woman after my own heart). Barbell cycling, heavy lifting and short WODs are what she enjoys most and coaching the weightlifting movements is at the top of her favourites list.

Next up…

Zuz’s top CrossFit tips!

1. Make sure you’re having fun.

Getting fit and healthy is a great goal to have but it’s not going to last until you’re truly enjoying the journey.

2. Open up to meeting new people.

Introduce yourself to new members of the gym. They may just be your next CrossFit BFF.

3. Work on your weaknesses.

We all have movements or workouts that we love, but be open to learning new skills. That’s what we’re here for; to push the boundaries.

4. Relax.

No one PRs every day or beats their workout scores every time. That’s why those moments are so special.

5. Trust the program and your coaches.

That’s what I’ve learnt from years of doing CrossFit myself. Coaches are here to help you and teach you. Listen to what they have to say and don’t be scared to ask questions. Trust the program, show up, put in the work, enjoy yourself and the results will come.

Great tips Zuz and welcome aboard to the madness. We look forward to seeing you reach your achievements and helping G-Force to continue to build upon its highly-regarded and community-driven foundations.

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