The G-Force Source: Quick Tip #1

The G-Force Source: Quick Tip #1

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
— Mother Teresa

Welcome to our Quick Tip edition of our CrossFit-dedicated blog, The G-Force Source. Instead of our usual feature blog on all things healthy living and CrossFit, our Quick Tip edition will pick small parts of our training methodology and provide hints and tips to fine-tune your results.

This edition focuses on the movements performed on the pull-up bar including the variations of the pull-up (strict, kipping and so forth), knees-to-elbows, toes-to-bar and the bar muscle up. These movements should not be performed in a dead hanging body position with your limbs dangling and swaying in the wind. Tight body position is imperative for the movements on the pull-up bar to achieve the most efficient movement.

Use the hollow hold on the floor as a stepping stone to achieve a tight body position on the pull-up bar. Use the same concept by drawing your ribs down, tightening your mid section with your feet together. Most importantly, lats switched on.

Performing movements on the pull-up bar with loose lats and relaxed shoulders will mean your head is going to be buried between your shoulders like a scared little tortoise. If you’re having trouble switching your lats on, use this tip:

  • With a full grip on the pull-up bar, think about rotating your thumbs inwards towards the back of the room. Your lats should switch on.

Tight is light. Loose is heavy. That’s our tip to you.

Train hard, train heavy, train smart.

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