The G-Force Source: Regionals Wrap-Up

The G-Force Source: Regionals Wrap-Up

The 2015 CrossFit Pacific Regionals are over, and what an action-packed weekend it was! Chad The Unit Mackay carved his way back into the top 5 to secure his place at the world games, Kara Webb dominated as expected, and Ben Garard, who has been a fan favourite to qualify for the games, did just that by absolutely annihilating the competition in the final workout at the Regionals. But more importantly to us above all that was Team G-Force representing with style at the Pacific Regionals.

Team G-Force scraped into a qualifying position for the Pacific Regionals as a late entrant, but given their performance over the weekend, they deserved to be on that stage amongst the region’s best affiliates. The team’s greatest moments on the weekend were during event’s 1 & 7. The team finished event 1 in 9th place overall, and in event 7, they were the favourite to win heat 2, but were later overtaken by another team. Regardless, they finished that event in 12th place, showing their dominance on the field.

Placings in a competition can be important to a lot of people. For us, however, we need to place emphasis on the importance of not the placing of the team, but the journey leading up to the Regionals, and the destination itself. The team trained hard over the many weeks leading up to competition, and before they knew it, the highly anticipated weekend had arrived, and there we were: Team G-Force—both athlete and supporter—soaking up the glory of being one of the top affiliates in the Pacific region.

Regionals Wrap-Up 2

The spotlight wasn’t just for our team last week. The G-Force crew once again delivered by hitting a plethora of personal bests during the week. Here are the numbers:

  • Shaz: back squat increased from 70kg to 75kg.
  • Ali: joined the $100 club with a 100kg back squat, up from 92.5kg!
  • Megan: 2kg increase in her back squat, hitting 93kg, and a 4kg increase in her power clean with 60kg.
  • Luke: back squat up from 157kg to 165kg, and a 5kg increase in his power clean with 120kg. 
  • Courtney: a massive 15kg increase in her back squat with 105kg, and her clean & jerk up from 65kg to 67.5kg.
  • Beattie: 165kg back squat, with a previous of 160kg. 
  • Caz: finding her new personal bests with a 70kg back squat. 
  • Shanci: 90kg back squat PB. 
  • Stephan: hitting a triplet this week with a back squat increased from 125kg to 130kg, front squat 5kg increase with 105kg, and power clean up from 105kg to 108kg. 
  • Little Lauren: a new power clean of 65kg, up from 60kg. 
  • The Boy Wonder, Steve: power clean of 97.5kg, up from 94kg.
  • Keiran: a whopping 20kg increase in his power clean, joining the $100 club with 100kg. 
  • Marc: 75kg power clean PB. 
  • Allan: 100kg power clean PB. 
  • Seb “Maricon”: a new snatch PB with 75kg, up from 72kg, and a 15kg increase in his power clean with 105kg.
  • John D: an enormous 30kg increase in his back squat with 180kg!
  • Gerry: 15kg increase in his back squat with 95kg. 
  • Mitto: 20kg increase in her deadlift with 130kg. Watch out boys! She’s coming to crush your PBs!


Well done crew. It was a week we don’t forget: a long list of personal bests, and a new G-Force banner from the Pacific Regionals we can look at each day at the gym with pride.

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