The G-Force Source: Representing the G-Force Way

The G-Force Source: Representing the G-Force Way

G-Force has represented proudly this week. Some of our people have ventured out and tackled different challenges, ranging from abnormally long runs to lifting heavy things, but one of the more remarkable challenges that we’re highlighting in this week’s Source is a complete body and muscular overhaul of an ex-G-Force member—and hopefully a returning one—where they’ll compete in body sculpting in the fitness model division.

Kristie Mehan has been loyal to G-Force for quite some time, but earlier this year, she decided to challenge herself—both mind and body—by completely changing her training and diet regime. The end goal? To compete on the stage in the fitness model division. Kristie has lost a total of 12kg, but she’s completely revamped her body, and if you haven’t seen her photos on social media, she’s got muscles protruding in places that I never thought muscles existed! She will be competing in Newcastle, Sunday the 6th of September, at the ANB Newcastle Classic. Strut your stuff Kristie!

From body building, we now venture across to running. A lot of running. 29km of it. Alex Thackray, Bec, and Steve took on the Coastal Classic which took them through the National Park. They ran on rocky terrain, on the beach, through the bush, clifftops, and lots of inclines. Congratulations boys.

And from running, we move onto lifting. I competed at the Olitek Australian Junior and Senior Championships in Melbourne. I competed in the 77kg category, and finished 9th in Australia in my category. Note to anyone who wishes to perhaps one day compete in weightlifting: manage your diet leading up to competition. Losing 2kg in one day, one day prior to lifting, to make weight will affect your lifting ability. Lesson learnt!


Be sure to like the G-Force Facebook page, because if you haven’t, or if you missed it during the week, we posted up the two latest Clients of the Month for July and August. Allan was crowned Client of the Month for July. We applaud his efforts and his improvements in the short time that he has been following the G-Force way. Allan came to G-Force with a knee injury, but with proper programming and coaching, he has achieved new personal bests across the board.

Our August Client of the Month was awarded to Wayne. If you’ve been following our blog, or if you’re well versed in all things G-Force, you know the trials that Wayne and the Laws family have endured in recent weeks. Wayne has naturally been a big supporter of G-Force, both in and out of the gym. For his belief in G-Force, combined with his strength in pushing past the impossible recently, he has been crowned Client of the Month for August.

Our final shout-out is to Lachlan who was a lone ranger on the PB board during the week. He increased his split jerk by 1kg with an 81kg lift. Congratulations Lachlan!

Keep an eye out in the front corner of the gym during the week. We’re putting something down that will make your lifting more awesome. It is part of the new aesthetic changes coming to G-Force.

See you all in the gym.

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