The G-Force Source: Running the outback

The G-Force Source: Running the outback

Next to benchmark workout Fran, running could arguably be one of the least favourite movements in CrossFit. There are some, however, who not only enjoy it, but decide to up the ante and run a marathon. We’re not talking any old marathon though; a full marathon, in the desert, in the outback!

Ex-G-Forcian Bridget Sheridan [pictured on the left below] ran her first full marathon in the Northern Territory on the weekend. She has been training hard, clocking a large number of kilometres to prepare herself and her feet (which actually bled during training) for a long run in the red-sanded desert. She completed her run in 5 hours and 13 minutes.

Bridget moved on from G-Force and started her own fitness business, Roar Outdoor Fitness. She’s based in Coffs Harbour, and of course, any current or ex-G-Force member comes highly recommended. If you find yourself in Coffs, look her up and be sure to pay her a visit. And high-five her for her outstanding effort in running the Australian Outback Marathon. We’re sending you a virtual high-five Bridget! Well done!

Bridget Run

Congratulations also go out to Keiran for reaching the ripe age of thirty. He’s now living in what society calls the dirty thirties. Happy Birthday Kez! Additionally, congratulations to coach Matty who did some cardio during the week to work on working off his pudgy guts. Gone are the days when we used to be able to grate cheese on his shredded abdominals. Will we see the master of shreddedness return to his former self?

Jimmy and Fi [pictured below], donned G-Force’s cutest couple of 2014, have returned from their holiday in Japan and South Korea. The fresh aroma of romance has been missing from G-Force, and we’re happy to see you guys back in Sydney.

That brings an end to this week’s Source. We’ll return to mentioning personal bests in next week’s edition. This coming week will be your last week to work those lifting percentages as testing week starts the week of the 2nd of August. Train hard this week, eat well, stay hydrated, and we look forward to seeing a plethora of new personal bests in a couple of weeks.

See y’all in the gym!

Jimmy and Fi Japan (2)

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