The G-Force Source: Sam’s G-Force Spotlight

The G-Force Source: Sam’s G-Force Spotlight

G-Force Spotlight - Sam

Camaraderie. Commitment. Community. These are three C’s that make up some of the core values at G-Force. Camaraderie is in abundance at G-Force where like-minded people come into our gym for a common purpose and support one another. Our members commit to our program and our coaching, and in turn, we commit ourselves to our members, their goals and their pursuit of results. Together, we form the G-Force community that creates friends, creates results and creates a positive environment.

The core of our community are our members and to highlight that, we’ve created the all-new G-Force Spotlight.

The G-Force Source will now feature spotlights on our members where we ask them a series of questions and share their answers with the world, but more primarily, the greater CrossFit community.

Our first ever G-Force Spotlight features newcomer, Sam. Here’s what she had to say.


Sam (body)Describe G-Force.
G-Force is [a] no judgements, friendly environment where I don’t feel intimidated about being new to CrossFit or less fit than I would like to be. It’s a community of people who, while working on their own personal fitness goals, motivate me to achieve [my] own. The people I’ve met, both coaches and athletes, are friendly, genuine and fun.

Is G-Force suitable for mothers?

No question about it.. it’s a great place for mums! It’s a safe place for you to come (with the kids if you make it to the kids friendly classes) and workout alongside other like-minded people… some who are also mums working hard to reclaim their bodies or just ‘me time’. Coming to the class is like having a personal trainer. The G-Force coaches are invested in your personal progress and they guide you through diverse but challenging workouts.

Are you achieving your goals?
Yes, I’m getting fitter and I can see changes in my body. After having both my kids by C-section and some abdominal muscle separation, I thought might have to learn to live with my post pregnancy ‘look’. I’d go to my old gym, see athletic women shaping their bodies through weight training but I wasn’t sure I could do the same. The good thing about G-Force is that I’m being taught how to work with weights properly which makes me confident to try progressively heavier lifts and I’m finding this is having a real impact on my muscle tone and definition. The workouts at G-Force are always varied through so I’m also lifting my cardio fitness.

How do the class times suit you?
The current schedule of classes is great. To get to the gym each day I need to balance my husband’s training at G-Force, dropping off or picking up kids from day-care and the traveling to and from the CBD for work. One of us goes to the 5am class and the other will go to the 7pm class. I also go to the Friday kid friendly class at 11am and Saturdays my husband and I train together in the morning which has been good for us.

Why is G-Force great for women?
At G-Force the whole community holds up the achievements of women’s fitness goals as being equally important to the achievement of men’s. No one person’s achievements are more important or impressive than another’s. PBs are PBs no matter who you are or what the number is and so they [are] equally celebrated by both coaches and athletes. Also, it’s a great place to find or relocate your outer strength.

Describe the coaching at G-Force?
Considered and caring. Also, each of the G-Force coaches brings a different coaching style which is great for tapping into different learning/listening styles. Glen and his coaching team have laser focus when it comes to building the correct technique and can help you identify small adjustments or changes to movement which have a massive impact to the quality of your workouts. If a scaled movement is required for a workout, it’s seriously no biggy; the coaches help you identify an alternative movement which is appropriate (but still challenging) and off you go. I’ve also found Glen and the team really patient when it comes to me personally having to build up and understanding of CrossFit from a zero knowledge base.

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