The G-Force Source: Scaling — A Cornerstone Of CrossFit

The G-Force Source: Scaling — A Cornerstone Of CrossFit

“Ahead of efficacy is safety.” — Greg Glassman, CrossFit Inc. Founder and CEO

 There has been a long-standing, misinterpreted belief that CrossFit is all about putting your body on the line to do what’s prescribed, no matter the cost. That’s about as wrong as a twenty minute Fran time. They both defeat the purpose of their baseline methodology. The training program at G-Force is designed around adaptability to one’s skill level, their physical limitations (i.e. injuries or mobility issues) and more importantly, differentiating workout purposes. Every aspect of the programming is designed for a specific purpose which is complex and not something that we need to take a mind-numbing dive into. Alternatively, let’s focus on the main element of this edition of The Source: scaling is a cornerstone of G-Force programming.

Every day, G-Force athletes are faced with a program of varying complexities. On face value, they’re simple, but their purpose has many layers, hence the complexity. Within those layers are load, intensity and movement patterns, just to give you a simple understanding. Also within those layers are methods of scaling. It is included in our program every day. Each workout and movement has a scaled alternative which will continue down a long chain to the most basic movement of all: standing still and taking some deep breaths. We will never offer that alternative because that defeats the purpose of the programming and its varying levels of intended intensity, load and movement patterns.

The most basic and laymen statement we can make on this topic is: G-Force will not force you to do something that you physically cannot do, but we will challenge you to improve.

We want G-Force athletes and the many other CrossFit practitioners around the world to move away from the mindset that you must perform every workout rx’d (as prescribed, or as it is written on the board without scaling). Why? Because you may be completely defeating the purpose of the program, but it is also unsafe. The example we used earlier was Fran. That workout is designed for a specific purpose: fast-paced movement (high intensity) and a light manageable load (followed by the infamous Fran cough). If you find yourself only performing a few reps of the thrusters before requiring a rest, you’ve just moved away from the workout’s purpose. At G-Force, we would very likely place a time cap on Fran to help ensure that you understand the workout’s purpose and that you finish within that time cap.

The G-Force program consists of strength aspects worked in and around conditioning aspects. The strength movements have a purpose but can be scaled without moving away from their purpose. The same goes for the conditioning. Scaling workouts will maintain the intended load, intensity and movement patterns, as well as remaining safe.

Don’t be a fool and be an rx’d tool. Scale appropriately and take the advice of your coaches. Every workout can be catered to your level safely and efficiently whilst maintaining its purpose.

That is the G-Force way.

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