The G-Force Source: see opportunity through difficulty

The G-Force Source: see opportunity through difficulty

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
– Winston S. Churchill

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the CrossFit Open serves as an opportunity to improve your athleticism. It’s an opportunity to successfully perform movements you have never performed before, and with 16.3, we saw plenty of that.

Last week’s workout in the CrossFit Open included snatches and bar muscle-ups. For the scaled option, bar muscle-ups were scaled to jumping chest-to-bar. We saw at least five people in the gym over the weekend perform bar muscle-ups for the first time. And some even knocked out more than one rep. This wasn’t unique to just G-Force though as social media entered a frenzy with countless videos of people around the world performing their first ever bar muscle-up.

We know some of you have refused to participate in the Open. Whether it be fear of a competition-style workout, or fear that you’re not on par with other people, you’ve let yourself down by missing an opportunity to show optimism and soldier through something you may consider difficult. Reflect on your choice, and we hope to see you participate in the CrossFit Open next year.

For those that have been participating, and especially to those that have performed movements they’ve never done before, G-Force sends you a round of applause loud enough to put a rhino stampede to shame. Well done crew!

March 2016 Week 2

Some of you mighty athletes might be missing from the bar muscle-up PB list. No matter what type of movement you perform as either a first or as a personal best, please put it on the PB board so we can flaunt your awesomeness.

It’s been another solid week at G-Force. See you all in the gym throughout the week and again this weekend for CrossFit Open 16.4 madness.

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