The G-Force Source: Setting Summer Goals

The G-Force Source: Setting Summer Goals

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”
— Napoleon Hill

He makes his way up the field, dribbles the ball around two obstacles, continues heading for the goal with twists, pivots and turns. He lines it up, shoots, and he scores! The crowd goes wild!

What a feeling it is to smash a goal. The work is hard, the field is long, there will be obstacles in the way and you’re going to have to ensure you’ve got a solid plan. The run up the field should never stop because at the end of it sits the net.

Summer is just about here and the winter blues are well and truly over. Life’s not all about aesthetics and looking good in front a mirror but it forms–partly–a motivator for people in the world of fitness; having that summer bod. Therefore, goals are mostly about body image. Now, if that’s the case for you, our biggest message is: be happy with an image that you want; not what others want you to have or what magazines tell you that you should look like.

Goals should about much more than image. In the world of CrossFit, new movements and weights for weightlifting are what athletes chase. There’s such a broad spectrum for goals and the chase never ends. It keeps us wanting and that’s exactly how it should be.

As Napoleon states, if you find yourself struggling or you’ve reached a plateau, it’s time to reassess. Re-plan and start again. Just ensure your goals are realistic and you’re not running up the field towards the impossible.

G-Force uses a tracking system for its workouts and with it comes a tool to help you keep on top of your results. All goals need to be tracked and SugarWOD–the G-Force WOD announcer and tracker–does just that. Keep yourself accountable because G-Force is keeping you accountable with sessions continuing throughout the Christmas break. No excuses!

If you need help with goal setting, see one of your coaches. You should all have at least one goal at any given time. If you don’t, start making changes because improvement is just on the other end of the field. Find that net and shoot at your goals.

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