The G-Force Source: smashing barriers and chasing results

The G-Force Source: smashing barriers and chasing results

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Fear is an extreme hindrance. It limits our capabilities and it limits possibilities and results. What’s also an extreme hindrance to results is laziness. Combine the two–fear and laziness–and you’ve just concocted the recipe for a life and fitness regime without success.

It’s unfortunate that sometimes, both of these two deadly traits can be seen in those that train CrossFit. There’s the fear of movements, the fear of competition, the fear of pushing that little bit harder. Then there’s laziness; to push harder, to commit to training, to give it your all.

Fortunately for us in CrossFit, there’s one major combatant to all of this: community. It’s what keeps us coming back to the gym and it’s what makes participating in classes that much better. You know that you’re going to be training with your mates and you know they’re going to either give you a bit of harmless cheek or they’re going to help push you that little bit harder. We have that at G-Force and we pride ourselves of our sense of community and family.

We combat fear and laziness with that sense of community even further with the biggest event in CrossFit: the CrossFit Open. The Open is our annual competition that sees the entire world competing against one another, against their friends in their own gyms and against themselves individually in an exciting five week challenge. Each and every year, the Open presents the opportunity for people to better themselves by giving five workouts their absolute best and each and every year, we see people achieving new personal bests they’ve struggled to achieve before.

It’s fact: the Open is exciting and it gets people results. With one only week of the five down, we’ve already seen some great feats by our very own at G-Force. Congratulations to the following people:

— Sergio completing 17.1 rx’d and doing great.
— Sam, new to CrossFit, participating in the Open and doing well.
— Jen completing 17.1 in fine fashion in her first Open at G-Force.
— Michael Purcell on his first Open also.

Kudos go out to everyone else who gave it their all. It’s what we love to see and we would hope to see that same attitude and commitment in class every other day. The atmosphere and encouraging environment was easy on the eyes and gave your coaches a proud daddy moment. Thank you team and we look forward to seeing you do it again in 17.2.

Announcements new 2

We previously ran a weightlifting workshop at G-Force on the starting positions of the snatch and clean & jerk. Our feedback was extremely positive and you have been asking for the next phase of the workshop. Ask and you shall receive!

Our next weightlifting workshop will be at 6.30pm on Thursday the 9th of March. We will be concentrating on the next phase of the snatch pull. Put your names on the notice board and we hope to see you there!

See you all in the gym.

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