The G-Force Source: Stories Of The Open

The G-Force Source: Stories Of The Open

“The CrossFit definition of an athlete is a person who is trained or skilled in strength, power, balance and agility, flexibility and endurance. The CrossFit model holds fitness, health and athleticism as strongly overlapping constructs. For most purposes, they can be seen as equivalents.” — Greg Glassman, Founder and CEO of CrossFit Inc.

It is no secret that practitioners of CrossFit chase ultimate fitness and as Greg Glassman informs us, that chase is for the combination of a number of different physiological skills. Everything we do in our programming works towards that ultimate fitness and once a year, the results of our efforts become apparent in The Open.

If by now you’re still unawares of The Open, there’s one of three things happening: you’re not a true CrossFit cultist, you don’t read our blogs or you live under a very gloomy and dirty rock.

The Open brings our chase of ultimate fitness together with the ultimate representation of community within a gym; we go our hardest and we have our mates by our sides pushing us through the pain. There’s no time in CrossFit quite like The Open which is why we encourage everyone–no matter your skill level–to register and get amongst the fun.

If you haven’t registered, it is too late to submit your scores but there’s nothing stopping you from turning up and participating. If you want to know more, read our previous blog which describes The Open.

At G-Force, The Open excites us because our customs of community and togetherness are multiplied exponentially. To show you just how much we love it, here are some of the stories from our athletes about their thoughts and experiences of The Open at G-Force.

Lyndal: “[The] vibe is awesome. Very supporting and encouraging.”

Courtney: “This is so far my favourite Open! I missed last year due to injury so I was on the sidelines. This year I’m back in action and have so far managed to complete both workouts rx’d which I have never done before.” … “The environment is like no other gym I’ve ever been to. Everyone gets in and gives it a go and then stays to support everyone else.”

Patrick: “Quality! Good vibes.” …” putting down some good times that I’m happy with so training program is showing results.”

Asha: “Being new, I am still learning the movements. I’m not going to be smashing massive scores like those around me, and I might not know some of the faces in the room but my judges have been very encouraging, supportive and motivating… as well as those on the sidelines.”

Rangi: “We’re very fun yet competitive bunch of clowns so I find joy not just in my own performances but also the performances of the other members, friends, athletes, clowns, bossman, bosswoman.” 

Graeme: “…the vibe on Friday was great. Lots of people helping, lots of cheering, it really spurred me on and made me feel good, especially with the heavy lifting.”

There are many more stories to be told with three workouts remaining in The Open. What will you achieve in the weeks to come? You’ll only discover what you’re capable of if you join in.

See you at G-Force <fistbump>.

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