The G-Force Source: Summertime Happiness

The G-Force Source: Summertime Happiness

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”
–  William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Summer is coming, and with it comes some exciting times for G-Force. As Shakespeare wrote, our summer is short, so we have to make the most of it. Firstly, G-Force Saturdays will be seeing a slight change. We move from the warehouse to the beach! Every second Saturday, our morning WOD will be done on the sands at one of Cronulla’s beaches. As long as that sun is out, we will be soaking in its Vitamin D while we slog it out for an hour with the waves hitting the sand as our only form of music.

Secondly, we are ready to announce this year’s G-Force Christmas party details. You’ve been given the date: 12th of December. The day will start at 12.30pm where we board the Gunnamatta; a cruise vessel that will sail us around Port Hacking. We disembark at 4.30pm after the four hour cruise, and then we continue on wherever the afternoon takes us.

Pricing details will be released soon. In the meantime, clear your day for the 12th of December as we’d like to see as many people attend as possible. We will start a new list on the whiteboard by the jerk blocks, so please put your names on that list so we know how many people to expect.


Once again, we’re amazed with the amount of new personal bests last week. When will it end? We hope it never does. Here they are:

Si: 90 -> 92.5
Little Lauren: 65 -> 68
Ali: 60 -> 61
Jak: 77 -> 78
Josh: 115 -> 117.5
Lance: 90 -> 100
Allan – 95 -> 100
Brenna: 115 -> 118
Beattie: 100 -> 102.5
Sergio: 75 -> 80
Buzz: 110 -> 112

Alby: 80 -> 90
Casey: 35 -> 42.5
Seb: 120 -> 122
Gareth: 75 -> 80
Stephan: 105 -> 110

Casey: 35 -> 45
Ali: 62.5 -> 65
Gareth: 80 -> 85
Jak: 77.5 -> 80
Sergio: 80 -> 85

Roland: 130 -> 136

Logan: 122 -> 132.5

Little Lauren: 75 -> 76
Lachlan: 95

See you all in the gym.

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