The G-Force Source: Sun’s out, buns out

The G-Force Source: Sun’s out, buns out

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.”
 – Elvis Presley

Truth is, G-Force ran its first beach session on Saturday, and everyone who turned up rocked the shores of Cronulla like true athletes! And as Elvis says, the sun isn’t going away, so neither are our beach sessions. We were excited to see a decent turnout in the early  hours of Saturday morning, and we’re excited to see it happen again. Keep your eyes pinned to our Facebook page and the daily website WOD posts to see when the next one will be run. The sun is only going to be around for a couple more months, so we need to make the most of this opportunity to get the guns and buns out and bask under the sun’s rays!

Also on Saturday we had our G-Force Christmas party. We set sails around Port Hacking on a cruise, and we’re glad we didn’t lose anyone overboard. As expected, the festivities continued on in Cronulla, and we’re almost kind of sorta’ sure that everyone has come out of the weekend unscathed. The social committee has already begun planning next year’s festivities, and we’re again almost kind of sorta’ sure that the Hawaiian theme won’t be popping up again anytime soon.

Jokes. Everyone looked amazing!

Beach Session 2 (2)

Last week’s personal bests were a bit more numerous than previous weeks. Here they are:

Will: 160 -> 163
Courtney: 90 -> 95
Alby 100 -> 105
Gareth 105 -> 110

Will 80 -> 82
Si: 70 -> 76
Casey: 32.5 -> 35
Luke B: 90 -> 92
Seb: 75 -> 80

Spealler K2E

Knees-to-elbows and toes-to-bar efficiency tips

One of the common problems we see with our athletes in the gym is the inability to reset into a kip with hanging movements; specifically knees-to-elbows and toes-to-bar. We’ve used Chris Spealler’s efficiency tips in a previous blog about pull-ups, and again, he hits the bulls-eye with a short video on a small tip that could make the world of a difference to your kip in these movements.

Whenever your body strays too far forward or backwards from the horizontal plane of the pull-up rig, you’re going to find that your body is going to swing back and forth, and in turn make it hard for you to re-kip your movement. Spealler explains that it is imperative that you remain in line with the bar to prevent the swing, and to achieve this, you must kick your feet directly down in line with the bar after you’ve done a knees-to-elbows or toes-to-bar. Kicking out away from you or kicking your feet too far back will begin a swing, and nobody got time for that.

Toes-to-bar should be achievable for those that can perform a knees-to-elbows, because simply put, a toes-to-bar should be performed in almost the exact same way as a knees-to-elbow, but instead you flick your feet to the bar to perform the toes-to-bar. Keeping your legs straight like a gracious and flexible gymnast will tire you quicker than a knees-to-elbows with a feet flick.

Watch Spealler’s video, and we look forward to seeing you all in the gym.

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